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Why Hackers Love Office Printers

With innovative technology comes many significant advantages for businesses of all sizes, including enhanced communications and increased mobility. However, as more devices are connected to the company network, IT teams must increasingly protect against threats that include malware, phishing scams, viruses, and more. While security is typically focused on laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones, many organizations overlook one other high-risk device: the office printer. There are a number of entry points and components of a networked printer which are attractive [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Content and Document Management?

Choosing an automated file management system can be a complicated decision. You know you want to streamline processes and automate workflows, but should you choose a document management system or a content management system? While they share many similarities there are some key differences to be aware of. Document Management A DMS, or document management system, is a way to create, store, and organize documents digitally. The type of documents include structured content, such as [...]

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Boost Data Security with Managed Print Services

Printing is essential for most businesses. From stickers and flyers to display posters, newsletters, and annual reports, most commercial enterprises devote a significant part of their budgets to printing. The way a business does its printing affects workflow, productivity, and return on investment. Most modern printers are connected to the internet and therefore are a potential gateway for cybercriminals. Consequently, printer security is of the utmost importance, something that can be protected and boosted by [...]

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