What is Managed Print? 

MOM’s managed print services program, FleetCare™, has all of the components to fit your needs, whether your office utilizes four printers or 400 printers. Our program delivers the answers you need to questions you may not have known to be asking:

  • Are printers operating at full capacity?

  • Is frequent maintenance on a printer due to improper workload utilization?

  • Are we paying higher energy costs as a result of antiquated equipment?

fleet care.

Advantages of Managed Print

Print Policy

Develop a Print Policy to regain control of your print environment.

Printer Protection

Gain Printer Protection and receive guaranteed repair or replacement of devices for the life of the contract.

Auto Toner Replenishment

Obtain Auto Toner Replacement—never worry about running out of toner again.

Specialized Printer Technicians

Access Specialized Printer Technicians with the experience of helping manage over 1 billion prints.

Low Cost Options

Receive Low Cost Options that include guaranteed refurbished printers


MOM’s FleetCare™ program supplies you the answers needed to increase effectiveness while maximizing the output of your printer fleet. Organized in a series of easily understood screens, the detailed reports enable managers to optimize usage, more proficiently diagnose problems as they occur and painlessly right-size the printing fleet by boosting efficiencies and reducing output costs.

Our Print Strategy:

Our strategy is simple: to design an optimized print landscape through advanced mapping software that lays out an interactive floorplan of all of our clients’ print assets. Here’s what that entails:

One of the first things we do is meticulously map out your office printers to identify how your fleet is currently being utilized as well as to determine how to streamline your devices for maximum efficiency. Check out two examples of our FleetCare™ maps below:

Asset DB Area Measuring Sample
Asset DB UI

Security and Managed Print Services:

At MOM, we know that security is a primary concern of modern Ohio businesses. To ensure data security upon installation of our Managed Print software, your Data Collection Agent (DCA) uses one-way communication. Only device data such as page counts and status are stored. No personal or user data is recorded. And, because the DCA does not collect, house, or transmit any information regarding the content of print jobs, MOM’s Managed Print Services have no impact on compliance regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

In fact, employing Managed Print software actually makes your print environment much more secure. Consider the following:

  • Compliance – Comply with standards regulations more effectively with our Managed Print.

  • Oversight Managed Print ensures the supervision and monitoring of your printer fleet at the individual and workgroup level.

  • Updates Manufacturers provide periodic security patches for printers that can be difficult to stay on top of, particularly if your fleet is composed of a variety of different brands and types of machines.

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