Dear Valued Clients,

As part of the MOM family, your offices, schools, and healthcare locations are an extension of our MOM office. We take the safety of our clients and employees very seriously. In the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we want to assure you that our Client Service Professionals (CSPs) are taking the proper precautionary measures to sanitize your MOM equipment while they are at your location on a service call.

How Our Team Handles Your Equipment

Prior to arrival at your facility, the MOM CSPs will be asking your staff a number of questions to ensure their safety as well as gauge your willingness to have visitors at your location. Our CSPs will also be wearing masks and gloves while servicing your equipment. They will be using hand sanitizer and practicing frequent hand-washing as well to help eliminate the spread of germs.

MOM CSPs drive fully stocked company vans containing thousands of dollars worth of stock parts to ensure they have the right parts to fix your equipment the first time they come out. Along with this stock of parts, they carry an entire kit of cleaning supplies to ensure that they leave your equipment looking as clean as they possibly can be. The CSPs use many different cleaning techniques and tools, which include rubbing alcohol, lint-free cloths, air sprayers, and vacuums. Rest assured that your device is a much cleaner hub for copying, scanning, faxing, and printing than before your MOM CSP arrived.

Our Suggestions to Keep Your Equipment Germ-Free

With so many people touching the control panel, document feeder, output trays, and drawer handles every day, your office copiers and printers can be a hotspot for germs. To clean these areas, the MOM team recommends that you first power down your device, lightly pouring some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth (cloth does not have to be soaked and too much liquids could possibly damage the control panel) and wipe down the highly touched areas. Though it might seem easier to use a wet towel or Clorox wipes, these options are not as sanitary or safe for the copier or print device. Avoid using any cleaners that contain bleach, ammonia. or cleaning solvents. These chemicals can cause the touch screen or control panel to become clouded and require replacement, so please check your cleaners prior to using them on your devices.

While it is tempting to spray the glass of your copier with Windex, we highly recommend that you do not use that as a cleaning product for your equipment. We suggest using a very mild glass cleaner and spraying that solution directly onto a lint-free cloth to clean your device’s glass.

Finally, to help avoid the spread of illness, we also suggest that everyone in your workplace follow CDC recommendations for hand-washing and COVID-19 prevention. In times when it is not possible or practical for you to power down and sanitize your equipment (for example, in the middle of a workday), basic precautionary measures like proper hand-washing and hygiene are essential.

If you have any questions regarding cleaning your equipment or the procedures of our CSPs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Kevin McCarthy, President & CEO