Info Input Solution

Info Input Solution

Alaris Info Input Solution is a powerful web-based solution that enables capture for centralized, distributed, and remote locations to validate, index, and route information to the right business applications. This results in decreased operational and support costs and increased process efficiencies.

A browser-based platform, Alaris Info Input Solution makes it easy to deploy capture solutions across your organization. For example, major Business Process Outsourcing firms (BPOs) value this browser-based platform because it allows them to empower capture solutions with ease—on- and off-premise.

  • Alaris Info Input Solution is capable of supporting both production and distributed scanning environments
  • Captures business-critical information via an app on your mobile or smart device and sends documents quickly into your business application
  • Maintains productivity even with low bandwidth or no web connection
  • Securely stores documents locally for 24 hours with no loss of productivity

Brand : Kodak Alaris

Category : Software Solutions