Modern Office Methods offers dedicated software solutions that help improve efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce costs for our clients throughout Ohio. If you are looking for a software solution that improves your bottom line, reduces your paper usage, increases the security of your data, and/or makes your office mobile, contact MOM today!

Top 4 Office Challenges

Cost Recovery

Paperless Office


Mobile Applications

Cost Recovery

MOM provides software solutions that can easily tackle some of the most common issues that drain your printing budget. Here are a few ways we can help you reduce printing costs:

Our software helps you identify and alter expensive printing habits while holding users accountable for their printing choices, ultimately reducing the amount your business spends on printing. Contact us to learn more.

MOM’s printing software monitors usage per department and user and sets official print policies, such as setting quotas, requiring duplex printing, routing large-volume jobs to specific machines, restricting printing, and more. Contact us to learn more.

This accounting software feature automates what otherwise would be a manual recordkeeping process, which eliminates errors, increases productivity, and saves your business money. Accounting for individual usage by intercepting jobs at the print server controls outputs according to policies that encourage or enforce good behavior. Contact us to learn more.

This specialized software ensures sensitive data is not abandoned at the output tray, ensuring that all printouts are collected by the issuer of the print job. Cost savings is realized with pull printing, as it reduces paper, ink, and toner waste while enhancing document security. Contact us to learn more.

Paperless Office

MOM can help you answer these questions with software solutions designed to help you better scan, manage, and secure your Ohio office’s documents. Here’s how we can help:

This software is specifically designed to eliminate the need to manually sort hardcopies prior to scanning documents. Instead, this intelligent software automates the indexing of documents, extracting the necessary information to accurately identify the type of document it is, such as an invoice or contract. It also recognizes specific elements within these documents, such as invoice number, client name, phone number, and more. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes it possible for businesses to scan to scan to Word or Excel, eliminating the need to enter this data manually and reducing errors. Contact us to learn more.

Many workflows require management to approve certain aspects of projects during the course of getting a job done. When done manually, bottlenecks can occur and accountability can be questioned, slowing worker productivity. This software eliminates manual processes and helps to increase employee efficiency. Contact us to learn more.

Our electronic forms software converts paper forms to electronic ones. This software then allows users to fill out documents electronically, helping you index and manage the information you collect in a meaningful, faster way. Contact us to learn more.

Businesses often struggle to manage, track, file, share and retrieve their electronic documents. An agreed-upon filing system that consistently indexes and names documents is essential to keeping files organized and available to users. Additionally, compliance regulations and mandatory audit trails oftentimes require documents to be kept and made available for a set period of time. Contact us to learn more.

We offer scan-to-cloud application options that ensure on-the-go scans are properly indexed, stored, and available through your business filing system. We can also help you connect to and convert documents within existing cloud storage services platforms. Compatible platforms include but are not limited to:

  • Google Drive
  • Office 365
  • DropBox

Contact us to learn more.

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With hacking, phishing attacks, and ransomware on the rise, businesses must remain constantly vigilant to protect their proprietary and confidential data. One factor that is oftentimes overlooked when it comes to security is your imaging fleet. Fortunately, there are software solutions available that increase both the internal hard drive security of your printer fleet as well as the output collection of hardcopy documents.

Whether you deem these permissions by department or on a per-employee basis, you can determine who may access specific networked printers in your office or how frequently these devices may be used. Contact us to learn more.

MOM offers software solutions that help you maintain regulatory compliance standards, such as HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and others. Contact us to learn more.

To maintain the security of your documents, consider proximity-based authentications. This is when a user must present an authentication tool, such as a key fob or identification card, at the device before the printer processes the job. Software can be issued to relevant devices that works with existing key fobs or employee identification cards to seamlessly increase the security of your data. Contact us to learn more.

NFC software allows two electronic devices to communicate simply by bringing them within a certain distance of each other. Devices are typically mobile, such as a smartphone or tablet. Our NFC software solutions can play a role in your print environment by allowing users to authenticate printing or other actions at the device with their own smartphones. Contact us to learn more.

Mobile Applications

From printing to scanning to accessing documents, MOM provides the software needed to get the job done anytime from anywhere. Consider the following mobile applications offered by MOM that add the flexibility needed for modern employees to complete tasks efficiently:

Applications are available for your mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that allow you to print documents on your office’s networked printers from anywhere. Whether you use an Apple® or Android™ smartphone or want to print from your Chromebook or Microsoft-based tablet, our mobile apps will allow you to maintain your workflow by printing the documents you need no matter where you’re working. Contact us to learn more.

Users simply send what they want printed to a specified email address and that piece will be printed on their behalf. This is a great option for those looking to provide an outlet for guest users to access company networked printers. Contact us to learn more.

Our mobile scanning applications allow you to instantly create, properly store, and easily manage digital versions of hard copy documents—including signed forms, expensed receipts, and more—securely. Contact us to learn more.

MOM also offers mobile applications that enable you to securely access critical documents from mobile devices anytime and anywhere. You can rely on MOM’s software-based applications to instantly access any document or workflow you need even if you are away from the office. Contact us to learn more.

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