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Why Disaster Recovery is Essential for Businesses

Modern businesses are reliant upon their data for all aspects of their business. Imagine what would happen if that data was suddenly unavailable? A company would have a hard time functioning. Statistics suggest that 80 percent of businesses will fail after a disaster or massive data loss within the year However, a disaster recovery plan could help them survive. This plan is a documented, structured, and tested procedure used by companies to respond to unplanned incidents.  Having [...]

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The Benefits of Toner Recycling

When it comes to recycling, most are already familiar with it and utilize recycling at their home and/or place of business. However, there are certain items that are not always included in our recycling processes. Sadly, over 300 million toner cartridges take up permanent residence in our nation’s landfills each year. This is one of the many reasons why toner recycling is so important. There is a better way to handle our toner cartridges once [...]

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