Modern Office Methods (MOM)  is proud to partner with the Mansfield City School District and excited to be able to offer them substantial savings. We have been looking forward to providing exceptional, yet cost-effective machines and service to the local community since the opening of our Mansfield office in October of 2018.

MOM was recently selected to provide printing, copiers, and service to the Mansfield City School District by the school board. The unanimous decision was made at the monthly school board meeting on Tuesday, July 9.


Mansfield City Schools has historically paid almost $130,000 per year for printing and copying services. Board members reviewed bids from MOM as well as another local company, both of which offered pay structures that, based on usage, would lower the district’s annual cost to the $70,000 range.

The board determined they would save an additional $30,000 over the next five years by signing a new contract with MOM and ending the district’s previous partnership.

The school board acquired its current fleet of Ricoh printers from another local company several years ago. Since then, the company’s former owners sold to Xerox, prompting the business to drop its affiliation with Ricoh. Although the incumbent serviced the school district’s Ricoh machines under their existing contract, it would no longer sell Ricoh machines.

Mansfield City School

Tim Kissinger of Modern Office Methods discusses printers with members of the Mansfield City School Board during Tuesday’s special meeting. (Photo: Zach Tuggle/News Journal)

Tim Kissinger, a MOM representative, explained he came to work for Modern Office Methods because he loved Ricoh. His pitch to board members included a new warranty for many of the district’s current Ricoh copiers.

“Some of the machines are 12 years old,” he said. “If they were any other brand, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. They are still working because they are Ricoh.”

In its pitch, the incumbent offered to replace the district’s fleet with “out-of-the-box” Xerox machines. However, board members were more concerned with service and the training required to learn new machines.

“I asked people, and they told me your service has not been great,” board member Chris Elswick said to the sales team.

The incumbent’s representatives also acknowledged that, if the board voted to remain with their company, it would take at least two weeks to train the school district’s nearly 500 employees to use the Xerox machines.

Board member Sheryl Weber, a former teacher, said that re-training employees would be “too much to ask right now.” Many teachers have already begun to set up their classrooms and prepare for the upcoming school year; having to learn new print and copy machines could disrupt their routines, potentially setting back students’ progress.

Following the pitches, the Mansfield City School District Board voted unanimously to approve a $73,000 annual, five-year contract with MOM. The contract includes extended warranties on 27 of the district’s 66 existing copiers and 39 new Ricoh models, to be installed before school begins next month.


Mansfield News Journal