Is it time to upgrade your office copier? Maybe it works, but it’s starting to slow down and is getting harder to maintain. Or, you need the latest features like a cloud-ready device. Whatever your motivation, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

The market for lightly used machines is better than it has been in years. If your copier is a few years old and you want or need to upgrade, here are five reasons now is the perfect time to add a new machine to your fleet!

1. Upgrading Can Close Security Gaps
Older technology connected to your network is a potential gateway to a hacker. Your older device will not be as secure as a new copier. A new device has layers of security protection and can include encryption to and from the device, timed erase, and push/pull printing.

2. Enjoy The Highest Trade-In Value in Years!
Like the auto industry, the print industry has been affected by chip shortages and supply issues. These factors have made your system more valuable than ever before. If you are considering an upgrade, give us a call for an estimate of what your current copier may be worth.

3. Cloud-Ready Copier Technology
Most companies are making the transition to the cloud. Are you? The newest multifunction print technology comes ready to integrate into the most common cloud platforms easily. Improve collaboration and make it easy for your team to access documents in real-time from anywhere.

4. Take Advantage of Low Rates Before They Rise
Even though interest rates are starting to rise, at today’s rates the monthly cost to operate the latest technology is lower than your legacy system, when rates were higher!

5. Experience Less Downtime
When you print a document it is typically because you need it right away! A new device includes the latest features ensuring the device needs less maintenance, and will also have remote technical support that your current device does not have.

Is your current printer, copier, or multifunction device no longer working for you? A new printer or copier can improve security, increase productivity, and lower your costs.

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