Mobile has evolved to become an essential technology in the workplace. As a result, it’s become increasingly crucial for businesses to integrate mobile-friendly options, such as printing, into their workflows. Mobile printing is a pretty straightforward concept and works precisely as it sounds. On-the-go solutions enable users to print out documents from any device, including smartphones and tablets, offering organizations a high level of flexibility and convenience, along with several other advantages.

Mobile Printing Increases Productivity

Giving employees the freedom to print from multiple locations has a positive impact on productivity. Mobile solutions enable employees to print from various locations, which means in today’s on-the-go environments, this is a huge time-saver. No more waiting for the office printer to be free, needing to swing by the office to print out client contracts, or struggling through consults or presentations because documents have been left behind.

Better Customer Service

Offering customers a mobile print option is a nice perk that sets businesses apart from the competition. This is especially true in industries requiring contracts or permission forms, or for customers wanting to take home informational documents. Customers appreciate the ability to get everything they need done before leaving the building.

Mobile Printing Improves Sharing Capabilities

Organizations run seamlessly because mobile printing enforces only scanning documents as needed and sending them to the printer to share. The convenience of being able to immediately capture electronic signatures or send data forward to keep a process or transaction moving can’t be beaten.

Cost savings and a Closer Step to ‘Going Green’

One of the problems organizations face as they try to “go green” is the fact paper is still a necessity for many tasks. While it’s a problem still needing to be solved, mobile print options inch organizations a step closer to green because it eliminates “just in case” printouts which are a waste in both paper and ink. In the event employees do need a document, they’ll have the flexibility to print in a pinch.

Investing in mobile print options increases flexibility, convenience, and empowers employee efficiency. Currently, the world houses more mobile devices than it does people and this trend isn’t slowing down. If you’re not using mobile printing, it’s an excellent time to reconsider because chances are your competitors are.

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