If your business includes printing large images such as blueprints, banners, signage, posters, fine art and other large format graphics over two feet wide, then the investment in a wide format printer can bring a return on your investment when compared to outsourcing these jobs to a specialty print shop.

A wide format printer can output black and white or color graphics on a variety of materials including paper, vinyl, fabric, canvas, fabric, and film. Before making this investment consider the following features to choose the perfect wide format printer for your business.

Printing Quality and Durability

  • Consider both the durability of the printer and your print medium. When printed graphics are environmental factors, the print material, and ink must last and may demand a higher-quality printer.
  • Wide format printers can output graphics with fantastic color and contrast. If you are printing signage or images that require a high level of detail, consider a printer with uses a four-color process of color – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK).

Print Material, Ink, and Size

  • Consider your business processes and your customer’s needs to choose a wide-format printer that is large enough to reduce media waste with side-by-side prints. For instance, a 50″ printer can handle two twenty-four inch graphic prints with little paper waste when compared to 1 print per 42-inch wide sheet.
  • Today’s print technology includes a variety of ink processes, including solvent-based and water-based. Also, consider UV Curable printers where the ink dries immediately when exposed to ultraviolet light for printing on painted surfaces.

Consider Output Speeds

Finally, consider the output speed of the wide format printer you choose that will still deliver a good quality print. When printing in high-quality mode or on low-quality materials, a printer will go slower. Expect a printer to provide a photo-quality print in 4 passes or more. Choose a printer that lets you adjust the print quality to meet customer needs and your demand for rapid production.

Contact Modern Office Methods today before you choose a wide format printer for your business needs. Our experts can guide you in selecting a printer that will meet all size demands. Our industry-leading products will be able to help your business get an edge on the competition.