When it comes to printing technologies, innovation never stops. The casual observer might not think much has changed in the printing industry in recent years, but many new print technologies have emerged that will soon revolutionize the way documents—and even objects—are produced. 

Being in the know about upcoming and transformative printing technologies gives you a competitive advantage and ensures you’ll have access to the latest advancements when the timing is right for your business.

Here are some of the emerging printing trends to look out for:

Diversity of Media Types

Many industries and companies need to print specialized items, such as product packaging or on-demand banners. By expanding the various media types and paper weight (gsm) that printers can accommodate, businesses have more flexibility to produce the documents and printed materials they need.

Ricoh Pro C7110X: Media Handling Video

 White & Clear Toner 

This is cool stuff! White and clear toner gives you the ability to really add value and flare to your printed documents. With clear ink, you can flood coat a document to enhance its appearance, or you can spot coat only the headline text, so the words seem to jump off the page. Using white or clear toner also allows businesses to produce eye-catching effects—such as creating metallic designs, applying custom clear-coat watermarks, or highlighting photos or objects on marketing collateral. More and more print manufacturers are offering white or clear toner options, expanding this new technology across many different industries and applications.

Ricoh Pro C7110X: WHITE & CLEAR Toner Video

3D Printing 

You’ve probably heard about 3D printing already, but the technology itself is quickly becoming more advanced and more attainable at the same time. The latest 3D printers are now smaller, faster, and cheaper than previous versions, which means this technology will likely find its way into more industries and businesses sooner than many experts previously thought. 3D printers will likely be integrated into many healthcare and manufacturing settings in the very near future, but with nearly endless applications, the technology will soon expand to many other industries.

The print industry is constantly changing and evolving to meet consumer needs and demands. Contact us today to learn more about these emerging printing trends and check out the Production Print page on our website for more videos and information!