Save Your Tightening Budget Through In-House Secure Printing Services

Even before COVID-19 hit our country, government entities across the country have been struggling with budget cuts. When you get down to the final dollars of your budget, you have to make some tough choices. Luckily, MOM has experience working with government entities to help improve the security of your printing while reducing costs.


As active members in the communities we work in, MOM knows how to take a holistic approach to saving your shrinking budget. Recently, we partnered with the Mansfield City Schools and helped them identify over $70,000 in savings on an annual basis. Those savings add up to more books, teachers, and services for the students they teach.

By looking at Mansfield City Schools current printing services, MOM helped identify that the printers they purchased were no longer being serviced nor in contract with a printing company. Not only did that create more expenses due to the lack of warranties, but it also created more time and hassle for the teachers and office staff who used printers on a regular basis.

Some of the ways we help government entities reduce their budgets through improved printing processes include:

  • Manage who is able to print documents to specific printers, limiting unauthorized and accidental uses
  • Buying replacement ink or laser cartridges in bulk to reduce costs
  • Training staff on ways they can reduce the amount of paper they print how to utilize features like duplexing
  • Provide security updates remotely and timely, typically without onsite assistance
  • Buying printers in bulk to help reduce the initial cost of printers
  • Limiting specialty printers to departments who must use them (ex: wide format printers for Planning & Design only)



In addition to the crucial cost savings, we also help improve the security for your printers. Printing has become so routine that we may not think about how it could cause a security breach. In fact, 80% of organizations report at least one type of security breach within the last year.

With the increase in cyber attacks happening to government entities across the country, it is important that the constituents represented have their privacy protected. This is especially true when it comes to youth, police records, legal cases, and collecting tax dollars.

When you are meeting with your office staff and budget team, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How can I assure that only the proper staff see the files we printed?
  • Do our file names reveal any private information? Does our printer show file names?
  • Are our printers on a secured network?
  • Who has access to our printer security?
  • How long does the printer keep copies of documents on its local hard drive?
  • How do I make sure we are not wasting ink or paper by printing in excess?


Without a doubt, the best way to secure your printer and copier is to invest in technology that is pre-programmed with the most up-to-date device security features. HP printers are considered the most secure printer, ideal for Government offices.

Look or multifunction printers and copiers that are designed to independently detect, protect, and self-repair damage from malware attacks. As you upgrade outdated equipment, replace it with systems that offer built-in threat detection and software validation features, so only authorized firmware and software can be installed and executed. This will provide your network with an extra layer of security.

Are you in need of knowledgeable and experienced assistance with securing your multifunction printer and copier network? Prepare yourself for the office of now with help from Modern Office Methods (MOM) and HP.