Office copiers offer a great range of benefits. They can boost productivity and even improve workplace security. With that in mind, it definitely pays off to pick the right office copier. But with countless models, that’s not always easy.

This guide will help out, providing useful guidance to help you choose the perfect office copier.

The Importance of Having the Right Office Copier

In an age where so many businesses are trying to go paperless and so much work is done digitally, you might be wondering, “Do office copiers really matter that much anymore?”

Well, the answer is a clear and definitive “Yes.” Even in this digital age, copiers and similar devices, like printers and scanners, still have huge importance.

The average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper per year, and countless businesses still have a big need for real, physical documents. In other words, the average office simply can’t function without a trusty copier.

Here are some reasons why you need to choose the right model for your workplace:

  • Improving productivity. This might seem obvious, but it’s still worth stating: offices are much more productive when they have the right devices and hardware. With a good copier installed, workers can scan and copy on-demand without wasting time. This allows everyone to get back to work and focus on more important things rather than queueing up at the copier or dealing with delays.
  • Keeping workers happy. Following on from the previous point, if workers don’t have as many delays or problems, they’ll usually be happier overall. That should lead to a more positive workplace in general, with big smiles all around. Better morale can aid productivity, and happier workers will be more likely to put maximum effort into their roles and duties.
  • Stronger security. You may have installed anti-malware programs and other cybersecurity defenses on your office computers. But how about the printers and copiers? These devices are often seen as weak points and are regularly targeted by hackers. However, a good-quality office copier should have its own security systems to reduce the risk of attacks or unauthorized access.

Choosing the Right Office Copier: Tips and Tricks

As you can see, the right copier can do more than simply copy documents for you. It can make your entire office happier and more productive. Here are some handy pointers to help you make the right call for your next office copier.

Assess Your Office’s Needs

First up, take a moment to consider your office’s needs. Ask questions like “How many copies do we make per day?” and “Do we want a copier that can also print, scan, and fax?”

All of this is important, as it’ll help you figure out what type and level of copier you require. If you only make a few dozen copies a day, a simple model will be fine. If your workers copy hundreds of documents daily, you’ll need something with a little more firepower.

Consider Your Budget and Finance Options

If commercial copiers only cost as much as home copiers, businesses wouldn’t have to worry. Unfortunately, while it’s possible to find a decent home copier for under $100, office copiers can cost much, much more. In fact, the leading models cost thousands of dollars.

If you’re on a strict budget, such a high price may seem out of your reach. However, there are options out there, like copier leasing, which can make fancy models more accessible. Think carefully about how much you can spend and consider all options.

Take Security Into Account

As mentioned, today’s high-end office copiers often come with in-built cybersecurity features. They might have password protections to stop unauthorized users from accessing them, for example. They may also have data encryption to make your files harder to access for any hackers. If your business deals with sensitive data and documents, you’ll need a secure copier to protect them. So pay close attention to the security features of each model.

Think About the Future

Don’t forget to think ahead. Copiers can last for years of use, and your business might grow and evolve in the years ahead. It’s best to find a model that will be able to work for you, even as your office expands and new members join the team. Otherwise, you may find that your business outgrows your copier, and you’ll have to replace it after only a year or two.

Don’t Overspend on Unnecessary Extras

When buying new office hardware, many people are tempted to opt for the fanciest, flashiest models with all the latest bells and whistles. But you don’t necessarily need all of that. You might spend a small fortune on a big, fancy copier, only to discover you barely even use half of its many functions and features. Instead, opt for a model that simply gives you what you need.

Consult User Reviews

When buying any new device or piece of equipment, user reviews can tell you a lot about it. These days, you can find countless user reviews of almost any device online. So, if you find some copier models that seem like a good fit, don’t just order one right away. Take the time to check out some user reviews and expert assessments of each option, learning more about the pros and cons.

Get Expert Advice for Your Next Office Copier

The right copier can transform your office. It can maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and make workers happier, every single day. So clearly, choosing a copier is a crucial decision. It’s not something you should simply rush into.

The tips and tricks above should help, but if you feel like you need some expert advice, turn to the team at Modern Office Methods. We have an expert team of copier experts ready to advise you on all your copier needs in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and beyond. Contact Modern Office Methods today and get the very best office copier.