It’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced major changes during this past year in the way that we do business. At MOM, we had to evaluate the way we communicate with our clients by implementing new features on our website to become more accessible. So, in April we launched a Live Chat feature and most recently added an Accessibility Widget to help individuals with disabilities better see or hear our website.

But perhaps the most important change that has come out of this year was our ability to ban together and make a conscious decision to give back to our community. Healthcare, manufacturing, and government are large verticals for MOM and some of the essential businesses that remained opened during the quarantine. We wanted these clients to know that MOM was here to support them throughout these uncertain times. The MOM and FSN team partnered with local restaurants to provide lunches for 8 of our clients, including: The Christ Hospital, Wooster Hospital ER, Mary Rutan Hospital, Avita Gallian Campus ER, Hocking County Sheriff’s Department, Nease Performance Chemicals, R Good, and Tait Electric. We knew this gesture was small but appreciated, so we evaluated how we could do more to help the community.

After much discussion with our area Vice Presidents, we also chose 6 nonprofits to make a monetary donation to. Having employees that serve on the board of local nonprofits, we had a unique insight into some of their struggles. Many had fundraising events cancelled, postponed indefinitely, and were experiencing a massive decrease in revenue from their programming. So, the MOM team looked at our client base and organizations that we’ve previously supported and decided to donate a total of $17,500 to these local organizations: The Cincinnati Community ToolBank, The Dayton Foodbank, Community Blood Center, Joint Township District Memorial Hospital, The Community Homeless Shelter Board, and Bridgeway Academy. These 6 organizations represent a rage of diverse services that impact the local communities in various vital ways. We felt their missions aligned with our organizational beliefs and were nonprofits that needed the most support during these times. Selecting nonprofits with a broad reach in the community was important to us and we hope that these organizations are able to use these funds to bridge the gap between the pandemic and return to normal life.

The MOM and FSN teams are basically back to running at full staff in our offices and while some of us miss the luxuries of working from home, it’s great to see our teams face to face.