For the majority of us, our world has dramatically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely and from home has become the new norm, parents are balancing work and home schooling, and takeout is now a treat…not to mention, toilet paper is now a hot commodity! As we begin to imagine what the light at the end of the tunnel is going to look like, our government officials and company executives are beginning to imagine how to make our work environments safe for our return. It’s becoming clear that re-defining our office environment so that it’s safe but still productive for employees is going to be key over the next few months and maybe years.

The MOM team is seeing a greater usage of smart devices on the business scene, but remote network printing can be complex and difficult to navigate for end users. Copiers and printers can be a hot spot for germs and we’re working to educate our clients on other options available besides touching their devices. Our goal is to help you make using these remote features for your smart devices easier while making your office safe while sharing your print devices. Here’s how the MOM team can help your office:

  • MOM is committed to helping our clients provide a safe print environment
  • Our goal is to enable features that can be implemented easily and without complex configurations that may frustrate users
  • Smart devices can be a key part of making our networked (shared) print devices safer

Ricoh Smart Device Connector

Ricoh Smart Device Connector App


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Our team is available to discuss and even virtually demonstrate some of our standard options to operate a multi-function product by just holding a personal smart device over it, and also the ability operate a projector or electronic whiteboard by just reading a QR code. Contact us for more information and we look forward to making your office a safer place for your employees when we all can get back to our offices. Stay healthy everyone!