Everyone has to deal with printing at some point. As much as we all invest in “paperless” solutions, we still have stacks of documents everywhere. Sometimes, normal printing isn’t enough for the job. Large posters, intricate blueprints, and many other products still have to be printed. If you work in architecture, engineering, construction, government agencies, or marketing, you have probably come across a need for wide format printing.

We can use cases in each of these industries and see how you can rise above the competition when you acquire the right wide format printer. It makes a world of difference.

Wide Format Printers for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms

Architecture, engineering, and construction are industries that meet at several points. One of those points is their constant need for large documents. Some things just don’t fit on regular paper. In those cases, you need access to wide format printing. There are cases where the value is obvious and circumstances where you probably underestimate your wide format printer. Let’s look at both.

Plan Printing

Blueprints and other formal plan printing can rarely be compressed to a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. Wide format printers handle the intricate work of this kind of professional printing. You need quality and speed in your wide format printer, but you can forgo the high-gloss standards of photo printing. There are wide format printers that meet this demand.

Imaging Technology

Engineering and architecture firms often need imaging technology for their projects. Imaging resources can be baked into the wide format printer and then printed on demand. This allows for landscape or other large project assessments and printing as the need arises.

Convenience and Reliability

Contracting a printing service for all of your wide format needs will add up quickly in avoidable costs. Your firm can have its own printer. This makes printing more convenient and reliable while giving you better direct control over your printing costs. This is especially important when you have inconsistent volume. If your business sees seasonal changes in demand, your wide format printer becomes cost-effective much faster.

Wide Format Printers for Government Agencies

Does your agency work with utilities? How about food safety? Maybe you work in a licensing office. No matter what your government agencies, you will have to deal with private enterprises in different industries. Some offices have to work with every conceivable industry. Government agencies need more flexibility in their document management and processing than virtually any other place of work. A versatile wide format printer is an essential piece of equipment, and these are just a few reasons why.

Hitting All Industries

Government agencies have to manage documents and information for everything from aerospace to manufacturing. There are countless industries that will lead to varied printing demands. The most versatile wide format printers can do it all and keep your department functioning with minimal investment.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Budges will rarely be entirely in your control. Optimizing printing costs is essential for government agencies. High-efficiency wide format printers allow you to complete specialized tasks affordably and to a high degree of quality. You can go with ink solutions that lower the cost per page of printing. Conversely, you can get a printer that can handle more alternative media and save on some of the most specialized printing costs.

Compliant Security

Depending on the type of government work, security compliance can be a significant challenge. You can invest in a printer that is designed to meet security needs. It allows you to simplify compliance and purchase into standards that exceed your minimum security requirements. Encryption, https security, and plenty of other resources can ensure that your printer is not a risk for your department.

Wide Format Printers for Marketing Firms 

Digital marketing is invaluable in the modern world, but it has not usurped physical marketing. To thrive, you need both, and many firms lack tools and resources to stand out from the crowd of marketing experts. Wide format printers are among the tools that can transform your marketing approach and lead you to options you have never considered before.

Grabbing Attention

Few industries need to grab and hold attention like marketing. Banners, posters, and many other forms of large, beautiful statement pieces are essential to the business. Having your own printer allows you to design your pieces more carefully and have fewer problems when translated from design to reality.


Marketing is always under pressure to improve ROIs. One of the best ways to succeed in this venture is to lower overhead. Innovative wide format printers provide you more options for your marketing strategies and more direct control over the costs.

Going Beyond Paper

The best pieces won’t always be on paper. New printing options can do wall and window graphics, stickers, vehicle wraps, vinyl, mesh, and canvas (with too many additional options to list here). When you want access to all of your marketing options, a high-quality wide format printer is one of your most valuable tools.

There is so much to explore in the realm of wide format printing. The technology is varied and capable. When you’re ready to take an in-depth look at everything out there, we can help. Contact Moden Office Methods today. You can start browsing, and we’ll make sure you have access to all of the information you need to make informed decisions and get the best results for your Ohio business, no matter your industry.