Government agencies are busy workplaces that rely on fleets of copiers and printers to handle volumes of paperwork in their everyday operations. They are also responsible for managing massive amounts of confidential data, the integrity of which must be safeguarded. While these connected devices are key to making their workflows more efficient, they also present vulnerabilities that put sensitive information at risk.

MOM offers a wide variety of office technology solutions to help government agencies lower costs and maximize productivity, while increasing data security. Our experience working in this arena enables us to understand the unique set of goals government offices strive to reach and the challenges they face in trying to reach them. Safely and securely optimize your business processes by partnering with MOM.

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Software Solutions for Government

Government agencies are inundated with documents and records. Keeping these massive volumes of files organized and secure is challenging yet essential for an office to operate effectively. MOM’s document management solution makes it possible for government offices to digitize, store, manage, track, and control their documents electronically, and in turn automate previously manual workflows.

Our document management solution will enable your government agency to go paperless, allowing you to:

  • Improve access to information through instant access to files and records

  • Foster collaboration by providing access to documents from anywhere and providing the ability to share files digitally

  • Eliminate manual filing and other tedious, time-consuming tasks

  • Increase security by regulating access to information based on permissions

  • Say goodbye to lost or missing documents, as well as the need to recreate them

  • Facilitate compliance thanks to enhanced security and audit trails

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Managed Print Services for Government

If anyone knows about budget cuts, it’s government agencies. Their bustling offices are constantly tasked with keeping their ever-growing workflows moving despite financial belt-tightening. It’s a classic case of having to squeeze more out of less, while maintaining the security of confidential data. With all of the printing that takes place in government offices, print environments are an area in which potential savings are ripe and protecting information is essential.

MOM’s Managed Print Services (MPS) can help government agencies reduce their printing overhead while maximizing efficiency, tightening security, and reducing their environmental footprint.

Benefits of MPS for government:

  • Increase efficiency by placing devices in optimal locations

  • Remove redundant or unnecessary devices that aren’t providing an ideal ROI

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs through proactive monitoring and maintenance of your print fleet as well as automatic supply replenishment

  • Decrease wasteful printing through usage reports, printing controls, and automating manual processes

  • Ensure data security through measures such as pull or ‘follow me’ printing and device updates/patches

Start managing your government agency’s document output today with our no charge, no obligation opportunity assessment.

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Office Products for Government 

Due to the heavy demands they’re burdened with, government agencies require reliable office equipment they can count on to be up and running when they need them. Bustling offices with bloated workflows can’t afford to be plagued by downtime that results in costly bottlenecks. That’s where MOM comes in. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers such as Canon, HP, Ricoh, and Lanier to provide your government office with dependable devices that can handle the massive volumes that make up your workload, producing quality output time after time without breaking your budget.

MOM offers devices featuring a wide array of tools, software, and finishing capabilities to help government agencies optimize their workflows by eliminating time-intensive, repetitive, manual tasks. In addition, they come complete with the latest, greatest security features built in to safeguard the integrity of your sensitive information. We’ve got the right devices to meet the needs of your workplace, technology that will enable your government office to:

  • Increase productivity with reliable machines capable of handling your workload

  • Quickly and conveniently manage your workflows with finishing capabilities such as folding, sorting, stapling, hole punching, etc.

  • Protect its confidential data through the latest updates and patches, output tray security, and pull or follow you printing

  • Print from anywhere or any device via mobile printing

  • Create a more sustainable workplace by eliminating wasteful printing and using energy-efficient devices

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