If your business regularly creates large format media, then buying a wide format printer is essential. These printers can handle a wide range of printed media, from banners and trade show graphics to posters, murals, and wallpaper, in widths as large as 100 inches. Finding a high-quality printer that can tackle these feats is no easy task, which is why you should keep the following in mind during your search.

Consider Your Priorities

How do you plan to use your wide format printer? Various uses can have a sizable impact on equipment selection:

  • Starting a new business that requires large format printing
  • Branching off to a different market with varying requirements of printing
  • Upgrading to a more modern printer with more features
  • Purchasing additional printers to cope with rising demand or produce different material

Also consider your level of experience with handling large format printers, as well as your current printing processes.

Consider Your Requirements

Do you need a printer that can easily handle vinyl banners? Does your business specialize in creating indoor signage? Understanding your business’s specific needs and requirements can help narrow down the search for a wide format printer.

Consider Who Operates It

Ease of operation should also be an essential consideration, regardless of whether you’re operating the printing equipment yourself or enlisting others to manage printing workflows. Your vendor can provide initial training to help you and your employees become more familiar with the machine while providing technical support as needed.

Consider These Factors

There are plenty of other factors to think about as you look for a large format printer, including the following:

  • Image quality – Consider image clarity and other factors that impact the final product.
  • Speed – In addition to print speeds, also consider the amount of time needed to send and process jobs at the machine.
  • Flexibility – Additional features and upgrades can enhance productivity while extending equipment longevity.
  • Floor space – Consider the amount of space needed for ordinary printing tasks along with maintenance and upkeep.
  • Cost – Factor in the cost of the printer itself, ink, other consumables, and service.

Buying a wide format printer for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact us today to discover your options and benefit from our services.