Your business needs printers, but it also needs a way to manage and maintain those printers. It’s a task that typically falls to more than one department, with IT handling printer maintenance and security, purchasing departments handling ink and other consumables and other departments tackling various aspects of the printer fleet. Managed Print Services (MPS) not only simplify the management environment but also frees employees to focus more on core business. Here are some business benefits of Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services Increase Efficiency

Whether it’s your time or your employees’ time – both are valuable commodities. Each minute spent dealing with the intricacies of your printing environment is less time spent on your business’s core functions. MPS offer several benefits that ultimately help your business become more efficient:

  • Increase productivity by reducing complexity
  • Minimize downtime for printing and copying equipment
  • Provide standardization and increase user familiarity with current machines
  • Facilitate automation of billing and other business processes

MPS also gives your business access to dedicated support and service teams with a vast knowledge of your printing equipment and environment. This lessens the burden on employees to manage and maintain your printing fleet while reducing the amount of time wasted on ordinary printing, scanning, and copying processes.

They Reduce Costs

Introducing MPS to your printing environment not only enhances overall productivity, but it also provides an opportunity for extensive cost savings. MPS can help organizations avoid cost overruns by streamlining ink and toner procurement, for example. MPS reduces costs by rationalizing how many printers needed for each department and placing limits on printing to reduce waste.

They Enhance Security

With most IT concerns focused on eliminating and preventing malware on desktops and other devices, it’s easy for printers to be overlooked as potential vectors. Fortunately, a trusted MPS can cover all of the bases by addressing potential vulnerabilities and implementing measures to enhance security and control. For instance, managed service providers can implement credentialed printing to prevent unnecessary exposure of sensitive information. An MPS solution can also help track device health and push patches and updates to close security vulnerabilities.

MPS allow your business to work smarter when it comes to the printing fleet. Contact us today and see how we can put Managed Print Services into motion for your business.