Watch as Modern Office Method’s Ken Staubitz and Obviam’s Keith Johnson sit down with Patricia Ames of The Imaging Channel to discuss the announcement of Obviam, a revolutionary cybersecurity company helping businesses leverage technology to keep their information secure and compliant.

Highlights of the Conversation

How did Obviam come to be?

{Ken – MOM}

There are two things known out there, healthcare is not going away, and the cyber landscape and cyber threats are not going away. We’re all faced with that even in our own businesses. More and more of our customers, whether it’s in the SMB space, or even the Enterprise space have been coming to us saying “Can you help us? Can you help us with penetration testing? What do you have from a compliance standpoint?”, so we took that feedback.

We’re very blessed to have the Dream Team, who we intentionally went out and looked for. And, we started a whole new business to really focus in this space because it’s very hard for people to be the jack of all trades and not do things well. So, we decided to take a totally different approach – let’s hire the all-stars and let them offer these services to our customers that are so important to keep protected.

Why did you choose to go down this path?

{Keith – Obviam}

I found very quickly when I started to engage Ken and Kevin McCarthy of MOM that trust was important because I needed to understand how they delivered service to their own customers. Being someone who wanted to come and build a team around customer service was really key for me. I know getting into things around cybersecurity can be scary. You’re dealing with a company’s trusted valuables, their data. That means that you have great responsibility and ownership to take care of those trusted valuables. And, so if we’re going to come in and give guidance to them I want to make sure it’s done through a lens of good customer service.

Are you targeting and helping specific verticals?

{Keith – Obviam}

Broadly, we’ll take all customers but we also realize and understand that when you start getting into someone’s governance compliance it takes a little bit more time so we need a customer specifically like manufacturing and health care that resonates with us. Here are a few of the main industries that we work with:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education & College
  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Companies

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