Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud Computing

Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud Computing

If your business wants to keep on an even competitive playing field, if you’re not already invested in the cloud, it may be time to reconsider. To date, about 75 percent of all organizations have at least some portion of their infrastructure in the cloud. Cloud computing services offer businesses an affordable way to boost both efficiency and flexibility cost-effectively. Here are a few benefits associated with transitioning to the cloud.


When you invest in the cloud, you’re moving your data storage, hardware as a resource (HaaS), and software as a resource (SaaS) out of your facility and into a centrally managed place where all can be accessed remotely. This offers members of your organization:

  • Plenty of flexibility when working on-the-go—an increasingly growing need in today’s companies.
  • No worries about expanding your technology resources as your business grows. A cloud-based setup affords you all the scalability you need—from updated hardware to software and everything in between.
  • High ability for collaboration—forget emailing files back and forth or trying to work on traditional documents and spreadsheets with annotated notes. Cloud applications allow for a high level of real-time collaboration, so everyone is continuously working on the same page.

In a nutshell, cloud technology offers you a level of flexibility that can’t be matched with traditional technology setups.


As technology forges forward, it seems as soon as businesses get up-to-date, the industry has already moved forward. This gets expensive. Aside from incurring continuous costs for upgrades, it’s typically cost prohibitive for many businesses to maintain a salaried staff to manage everything from installation to maintenance and repairs. With a managed IT services partner, you always have a team in place to tend to all your technological needs. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for IT expenditures since you’ll pay one single monthly fee for cloud computing services.

Remote Backup

If your systems crash, are hacked, or infected, you can lose everything. A valuable aspect of cloud technology is you don’t have to worry about backup because your outsourced partner ensures everything is duplicated, so you never lose access.

Gravitating to cloud computing can be intimidating. However, by partnering with a Managed IT provider, you give the tough stuff to experts and turn your focus to your business. To learn more about the safe, secure, and beneficial services that accompany cloud computing, contact Modern Office Methods today!

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