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The Benefits of a Wide Format Printer

If your business produces oversized materials, you’ll benefit greatly from having a wide format printer on-site. This is a printer that can print documents wider than traditional or multifunction printers. Wide format printers are available in a variety of maximum widths, from 18 to 100 inches. There are numerous ways that your business could benefit. Wide Format Printer Brings Faster Printing Times Speed is one of the most important benefits of a wide format printer. [...]

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Best Practices for Document Management Security

Document management security has emerged as an efficient and cost-effective method of storing, managing, and tracking electronic documents and images. It works by digitizing paper documents and converting them into electronic ones for easy access and use. While document management is an excellent way to manage information and data, it's important to adhere to good security practices. Doing so easily alleviates document risks. Document Management Controls Document Distribution Maintaining complete paper records is risky because these [...]

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