If your business produces oversized materials, you’ll benefit greatly from having a wide format printer on-site. This is a printer that can print documents wider than traditional or multifunction printers. Wide format printers are available in a variety of maximum widths, from 18 to 100 inches. There are numerous ways that your business could benefit.

Wide Format Printer Brings Faster Printing Times

Speed is one of the most important benefits of a wide format printer. Most wide-format printers can produce up to 15 large posters per hour. Imagine having the freedom to create large, graphics-rich marketing materials and have them in hand in a matter of minutes. Without a wide format printer, you’re at the mercy of the local print shop. You have to deal with their turnaround time, and someone has to drive over and pick it up. That is time wasted compared to printing your own in just a few minutes.

Increases Printer Quality

Since they’re almost always used for graphics and images mixed with text, wide format printers are engineered to print text and graphics with stunning clarity. Compare that to a temperamental inkjet printer where only one or the other looks good, or an office MFP where image quality is often diminished. With quality like this, you may find yourself printing stuff in a larger format just for the increased clarity.

Easier Access to Materials

Another benefit of owning or leasing your own wide format printer is access. Consider two scenarios. First, we’ve all been there: the project looks one way on screen but turns out another way once printed. This is annoying when you’re printing out a report or simple memo, but it’s a real problem with large-format materials if you don’t have your own printer. Your first look at a massive marketing banner is the finished product your vendor delivers. If it doesn’t turn out as expected, you could be out of luck. With your own printer, you can produce prototypes yourself and get it just right.

Second, consider the inevitable rush jobs. Something unexpected happens, and you need a new banner in 2 hours. Without a wide format printer, you’re left begging your vendor to move heaven and earth to get it made, and you’re probably paying huge rush fees. With your own printer, there’s no drama at all. Just print and go.

If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits in your business, contact Modern Office Methods today to find the right wide-format printer for your needs.