Document management security has emerged as an efficient and cost-effective method of storing, managing, and tracking electronic documents and images. It works by digitizing paper documents and converting them into electronic ones for easy access and use. While document management is an excellent way to manage information and data, it’s important to adhere to good security practices. Doing so easily alleviates document risks.

Document Management Controls Document Distribution

Maintaining complete paper records is risky because these documents are easily accessible to prying or unauthorized eyes. With a document management system no more worries about shredding the wrong documents or not shredding the right ones. Only people who are given access by administrators on an as-needed or role-based need will be able to view or edit documents. Routinely use these controls to maintain security.

Establish Ownership of Document Management Program

Every program needs management, and electronic documents are no exception. Usually, this is a person in a leadership position.

  • Knowledgeable about compliance and internal policies.
  • Familiar with staff and their administrative roles.
  • Has the authority to make essential decisions.
  • Be able to answer staff questions.

Establishing a point person is critical because this assures no details fall through the cracks and that security practices are aligned with the flow of information. It also adds a level of accountability.

Evaluate Business Need to Keep Documents

A big problem with paper is it’s cumbersome and tends to stick around a lot longer than necessary, creating a big security problem. Good document management practices solve this issue.

  • Purge files when the lifetime or usefulness of documents expires.
  • Eliminates liabilities associated with maintaining unnecessary files.
  • Simplifies compliance issues, making it easy to follow industry rules and regulations related to maintaining copies of documents.

Administrators can easily choose what happens to documents (delete, archive, or copy). Coupled with an eye for detail, document management systems take care of the rest.

Make Use of Electronic File Sharing

Email is one of the riskiest ways to share information since it can be easily intercepted. Messaging paper is inefficient and costly. Online client portals share information with designated parties in a secure and encrypted fashion.

Any system has its flaws, but organizational decision-makers who put a document control strategy in place greatly increase their security practices. This betters chances of availability, transfer of information, and adherence to compliance. Remember to physically secure the document management system with good network and firewall protocols.

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