For a long time, wide or large format printers were mainly used by print shops or big businesses due to their high costs, which made them unaffordable for many. However, the landscape has changed, and wide format printing has gained in popularity. Businesses today often require documents and other materials printed beyond the traditional 8.5×11 or 11×17 size, such as construction plans, posters, and banners, leading to an increased demand for large format printing. These wide format printers have become more cost-effective, making ownership, or leasing a viable and attractive option.


Is investing in this technology the right choice for your business? Below are four advantages of using a wide format printer, and specific industries that could benefit from one.

1. Print Quality

While most organizations have color printers in their offices capable of producing quality prints, they generally can’t match the quality and size output of a wide format printer. Wide format printers excel at producing documents and graphics with unparalleled print quality. Specifically designed to showcase precise detail, having one on-site allows for the quick production of high-quality images without the need to send your project to an outside shop. This approach not only saves time and money but also provides greater control and flexibility for your projects.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

If your organization frequently sends documents or projects over 24 inches wide to an outside print shop, the expenses can add up, as they typically charge a premium for large format print jobs. With the increasing affordability of wide format printers, acquiring your own could substantially reduce costs.

Close up of wide format printer

3. Convenience and Flexibility

While top-quality multifunction printers (MFPs) excel at producing documents like presentations, reports, and small posters, the evolving needs of today’s businesses often demand larger, higher-quality output. Having access to a wide format printer on-site provides employees with flexibility and convenience, eliminating the need to outsource print jobs. For businesses with their own in-house marketing departments, an on-site wide-format printer gives your marketing team the convenience of printing projects in significantly less time and at a lower cost.

4. Substrate Versatility

Wide format printers are incredibly versatile, capable of printing on a diverse array of substrates including: paper, vinyl, fabric, PVC, banner material, removable vinyl, styrene, foamcore, acrylic, canvas, wallcoverings, Sintra board, plexiglass, and Falconboard. Paper, available in different colors, weights, and textures, is a common choice for large format prints, while vinyl and fabric are ideal for creating vibrant signage and promotional materials. PVC and styrene offer durability and flexibility, making them suitable for long-lasting prints. Additionally, materials like foamcore, acrylic and canvas cater to specific applications such as mounting graphics and creating sleek signage.

Advantages for Different Industries

Here are some examples of how different industries can leverage the advantages of wide format printers.

  • Retail: Vibrant in-store signage and promotional displays.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Eye-catching outdoor advertisements and large-scale marketing materials.
  • Architecture and Engineering: Architectural blueprints, engineering diagrams, and construction plans.
  • Event Management: Event banners, backdrops, and directional signage.
  • Interior Design: Custom wallpapers, art prints, and decorative elements.
  • Manufacturing: Clear and detailed signage and labels for safety instructions and manufacturing processes.

The possibilities for wide format printing are extensive. Consider the cost-saving benefits and convenience that an onsite wide format printer can provide your business.

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