Technology is rapidly changing, and that makes it difficult for business owners to know when it’s time to invest in new technology, or migrate to a new platform. The problem is that older technology can negatively impact your business. What was once transformational, can quickly become a hindrance to your ability to move your business forward.

Old tech can also open you up to vulnerabilities like cyberattacks, lower productivity, and impact the efficiencies of your business processes. In this blog, we’re going to look at several areas of your office where a technology upgrade can make a big difference. If any of the following indicators look familiar, it might be time for an upgrade!


How would you rate your network security? Are your printers protected like your computers are? Do you have a plan in place in case your business falls victim to a breach? As technology rapidly evolves, cyberattacks are becoming more common as hackers become more sophisticated, and their attacks more elaborate.

Automated Workflows / Digital Document Management

Manual record-keeping often leaves files and archives disorganized and can make finding the information you need challenging. As a result, you may lose productivity and spend time searching for the document or data you need to do your job effectively.

IT Spend and Performance

Are you relying on older legacy systems? Are you spending a fortune keeping your systems operational? Does your team have issues collaborating? These types of problems can be costing you big with frequent downtime, increased maintenance, and frequent mistakes.

Print Management

Do you know what you’re spending on print? If not, you’re not alone. Most companies don’t have a clear understanding of their print costs and are often shocked when they learn the truth.

Knowing when to upgrade is never easy. Issues like pricing, what’s best for your business, and any learning curve for your team are all important to consider. So is weighing the advantages against the cost of lost opportunities because of older technology.

Ready to learn more? Take our 60 second Tech Check to rate the health of your technology, and give us a call to discuss your findings! We can help take your business technology to the next level in 2022!