When it comes to large-format printing, the possibilities are almost endless! Wide format printers open up promotional and marketing opportunities that include vehicle graphics and billboards, to trade show displays. Adding a wide-format printer to your fleet can expand your ability to create useful marketing materials in-house and on-demand, saving you both time and money. It’s more affordable than you might think.

Read on to learn five popular applications for a wide-format print device!

Create Catchy Billboards – With a wide format device, you can create billboards that will engage with viewers, grab their attention, and generate sales. Billboards are a great way to build your brand, promote a new product, or raise awareness for your company.

Vehicle Graphics – Vehicle graphics are another application for wide-format devices. Create full-color vehicle wraps with a wide-format printer to promote your business that will turn heads! Vehicle graphics are an excellent way to promote your business while you’re on the go, 24/7/365.

Car wrap vinyl racing decal ornament.

Point of Purchase Applications (POP) – POP applications are another use for wide-format printers. Use these devices to create banners, signage, and other point-of-purchase marketing materials for use in retail stores, at trade shows, or at POP-up events!

Trade Show Displays – Use your large-format device to prepare for your next trade show. Create eye-catching banners and signs that will attract customers. Within this category, soft signage makes it easy to transport marketing materials, and the excellent finish gives your graphics the power to stand out from the crowd.

Wall Murals – Creating large, colorful murals is another popular use for wide-format printers. Using your wide-format device, you can create large, full-color murals to promote a new service or product. Murals are a great way to add personality to your office, or showroom.

A wide-format printer is a versatile tool that adds functionality to your business across many applications. These five are just the most popular large format printing applications. With a large format printer, the possibilities are truly endless!

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