5 Ways Technology Solves Hybrid Collaboration Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we work, and it also changed our understanding and attitude about where we work. Companies once against remote work are now adjusting their business models to incorporate a hybrid future. To adjust, corporations are creating spaces and incorporating technology that will optimize a blend of in-office and remote teams. Hybrid collaboration is the way to build a solid foundation for long-term success. Read on to learn about the technology that [...]

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5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime

Many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) believe that cybersecurity is an issue that doesn't affect them, and most feel their budget can be better allocated elsewhere. However, the facts show that 43% of cyberattacks target these businesses precisely because criminals know that they are often vulnerable. If you run a small or medium-sized business, it's time to make cybersecurity a priority! Thankfully, there are things you can do right now to protect your business, even [...]

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9 Security Weaknesses Every Business Needs to Address

No one wants to experience a data breach, but the simple fact is it happens regularly to businesses of all sizes, across all industries. A data breach can not only cost you money, but it can also damage your reputation and shake your customers’ trust. 9 Data Security Weaknesses to Take Seriously Several factors can increase your exposure leaving your business vulnerable. It’s important to be aware of these 9 security weaknesses and take the appropriate actions to [...]

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Tips to Reduce IT Costs

What do competent IT services cost your Ohio business? It could be more than you’d expect. In day-to-day operations, your company probably uses a combination of computers, multifunction printers, phones, data backup, cloud storage, and more. All of the devices and software in this complex, ever-shifting network will need IT services at some point. It could be as simple as installing the latest security patch or as complex as migrating information to a new operating [...]

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Production Printers Yield Big Results for Ohio Businesses

The need for modern-day businesses to provide high-quality, physically printed materials is still highly relevant, so why not ensure your business has the best tool for the job? If you are a business owner in Ohio and are looking for a way to ramp up your physical printed materials, a production printer might be precisely what you are looking for. What Are Production Printers? Production printers are larger printers specifically designed to maximize speed and [...]

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Why Hackers Love Office Printers

With innovative technology comes many significant advantages for businesses of all sizes, including enhanced communications and increased mobility. However, as more devices are connected to the company network, IT teams must increasingly protect against threats that include malware, phishing scams, viruses, and more. While security is typically focused on laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones, many organizations overlook one other high-risk device: the office printer. There are a number of entry points and components of a networked printer which are attractive [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Content and Document Management?

Choosing an automated file management system can be a complicated decision. You know you want to streamline processes and automate workflows, but should you choose a document management system or a content management system? While they share many similarities there are some key differences to be aware of. Document Management A DMS, or document management system, is a way to create, store, and organize documents digitally. The type of documents include structured content, such as [...]

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Boost Data Security with Managed Print Services

Printing is essential for most businesses. From stickers and flyers to display posters, newsletters, and annual reports, most commercial enterprises devote a significant part of their budgets to printing. The way a business does its printing affects workflow, productivity, and return on investment. Most modern printers are connected to the internet and therefore are a potential gateway for cybercriminals. Consequently, printer security is of the utmost importance, something that can be protected and boosted by [...]

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6 Ways to Spot a Phishing Email in 2022

Phishing emails are used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. It happens when a hacker, pretending to be someone familiar, tricks their victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message and clicking on a malicious link. This typically leads to the installation of malware, shutting down access to data as part of a ransomware attack or the revealing of sensitive information. Phishing attacks account for more than 80% [...]

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Why Cybersecurity Should Be a Priority All Year Long

As businesses have become increasingly dependent on technology, a good portion of their data is kept on internet-connected platforms, which, if unprotected, can become a gold mine for bad actors. Today cybersecurity should be a priority for your business, no matter what the size. Unfortunately, no business is immune to a threat. Here are four commonly unaddressed attack vectors that hackers like to exploit. Human Nature Your network is only as secure as your weakest [...]

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