The modern-day office has changed drastically in the last few decades, especially within the last ten years. As newer and better innovations develop, and better equipment and tools become available, the way we work has also changed. One of the most important aspects of office work is the need to print, so having the best printers and the most efficient printing system is key to maximizing ROI and company growth. This is one of the reasons wide format printers are becoming more and more popular in offices across the country.

What are Wide Format Printers?

A wide format printer, in its most basic and simplest form, is a machine that allows you to quickly and easily print materials that can be anywhere from 12 to over 100 inches in size. The biggest plus about these specially designed printers is that they open up your printing options and allow you to use a wide range of materials to create a variety of printed and promotional materials. These specialty printers are durable and more powerful than traditional office printers. There is no need to pause to let the printer cool down, reload paper every 10 minutes, or tweak settings repeatedly to ensure you are still getting a good quality print.

Wide format printers also are designed for high-production capacity and are much faster and more reliable than a standard pro office standing printer. A poster can be printed on a standard printer at the rate of about 12 to 15 per hour, whereas a wide format printer can give you five times that number depending on the printing specifics you choose. Precision is another big selling point for the modern wide format printer as it is designed to deliver reliable results for every use.

What are the Benefits of Wide Format Printers?

The main benefit that you can look forward to when using a wide format printer is the ability to produce stunning, high-quality images that a standard printer is incapable of producing due to paper size restrictions. You can print full-color photos, high-quality marketing materials on different mediums, such as vinyl banners or signs, and breathtaking graphic presentations that could never be done efficiently or with a regular office printer. Other benefits that you can expect from upgrading to a wide format printer include the following:

  • Advanced Print Ink Technology: The wide format printers of today are highly specialized and developed with the finest printing capabilities. Many of these large printers utilize the latest in ink droplet technology during printing. This means that the printer uses microscopic ink droplets to color your material, and that, combined with exceptional precision infection, is what creates the highest quality images that are clear, bright, and perfect.
  • Ability to Distinguish: Machines have come a long way in general as our technology has improved. Wide format printers today can distinguish whether they are printing text or an image accurately. In addition to this, they can also automatically adjust clarity and precision to match the current printing needs. You can create beautiful blended pieces that feature text and images with ease and quality assurance.
  • Speed: Having a wide format device in-house guarantees quick turnaround for your large-scale projects. Rather than waiting in a queue at a print shop for large promotional materials, you’re able to print these pieces on demand, as these machines are designed to produce your large materials quickly. This is a great resource for industries that require large printouts on a continual basis, such as marketing firms or even those in architecture or construction—your blueprints will be available when you need them.

Should Your Business Invest in a Wide Format Printer?

The question of whether or not your company needs a wide format printer can only be answered by you and your team. If you have many projects lined up that require printing on various materials or larger than standard paper sizes—and need precision and reliability—you may well be best served with one of these printers. There are four main things to consider when you are thinking about purchasing one of these printers:

  • Room Requirements – These are large printers, so naturally, you need to make sure you have ample space for them, their accessories, and other supplies, while still having plenty of room to work in and around the printer safely.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – Specialized equipment needs special care and maintenance. You will need to call in professionals who are trained with these printers, so you must be willing to take those steps when needed.
  • Training Needs – Once your wide format printer is set up and ready to go, it is essential that you take the time to train your staff and anyone who will be working with the printers, so they know what to do and what not to do.
  • Overall Cost – These are not your ordinary printers, so determining your upfront purchase or lease costs and set up fees must be considered. However, the overall savings and increase in profit can more than pay for that initial cost.

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