Let’s face it, if your company is like most small- to medium-sized organizations, you’ve got open positions to fill, employee performance to manage, and succession planning to strategize for. Your human resources department would be best suited spending its time on big-picture strategic activities such as anticipating talent needs, building effective teams, or fostering a high-performance culture, rather than traditional administrative functions.

MOM offers technology solutions that can help you streamline your human resources processes. By more quickly and efficiently accomplishing these mundane, time-consuming administrative tasks, your HR staff can instead spend it’s time more wisely on measures that help it meet its strategic goals.

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Software Solutions for Human Resources

Human resources departments are inherently responsible for large volumes of documents, files, and records. Organizing, managing, securing, and archiving these files while maintaining access to them can be challenging, to say the least. However, what if you were to work with these documents in electronic rather than paper form? What once presented a challenge to you will be drastically simplified and optimized, enabling you to quickly and easily retrieve the documents you need without ever getting up from your desk.

MOM’s Human Resources Document Management Solution is a total solution that securely scans and stores your employee files, along with your existing digital files, making it possible for your HR department to:

  • Switch from cumbersome paper versions to digital documents

  • Streamline document processes and reduce errors

  • Instantly locate documents without leaving your desk

  • Securely access files anytime from anywhere

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Improve support for employees and management

  • Reduce demand for physical storage space

  • Simplify and reduce the costs of compliance

  • Implement document security features to ensure employee privacy and compliance with HIPAA, as well as regulations set forth by FLSA, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, ADA & ADEA, and FMLA

  • Never again lose or misplace documents

Managed Print Services for Human Resources

Busy human resources personnel don’t have time to waste managing the printing fleets required to accommodate their document-intensive tasks. They also can’t afford to have their document workflows come to a halt due to a device in need of servicing or out-of-stock consumables. MOM’s Managed Print Services (MPS) will keep your HR department firing on all cylinders by taking on the management of your office technology devices and sparing your staff of these headaches.

By outsourcing the management of your print fleet to MOM through MPS, your HR department will benefit from:

  • Proactive, real-time device monitoring to identify potential issues before they arise

  • Improved device uptime through preventative maintenance

  • Never running out of consumables and supplies, thanks to automatic replenishment

  • Being freed up to do HR work rather than ordering supplies or resolving device issues

  • More secure document workflows and protection for confidential or sensitive information

  • Using less ink, toner, and paper

Free your HR department up to focus on HR work while letting the Managed Print professionals at MOM take on the responsibility of managing your print environment for you.

Office Products for Human Resources

Human resources departments are tasked with collecting, processing, managing, storing, and distributing large quantities of documents. These files often contain sensitive corporate or employee information, which presents yet another hurdle to overcome in order to achieve operational efficiency. MOM partners with industry leaders Canon, HP, Lanier, and Ricoh to provide office equipment devices to help busy HR departments optimize their document workflows while upgrading print security. We’ve got office products that will:

  • Scan paper documents to convert them to electronic versions

  • Electronically capture and automatically route incoming files

  • Automate document workflows

  • Boost printer endpoint security

  • Eliminate manual document finishing tasks

  • Improve collaboration across departments and geographical locations

  • Speed up recruiting and on-boarding processes

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