While time is money in any profession, nowhere does this ring truer than in the legal industry, where firms commonly utilize billable hours. Combine this with the sheer volume of printed documents a law office can produce each year and it becomes obvious why it behooves firms to streamline their workflows through office technology in order to maximize profits. MOM has the technology solutions law offices need to maximize efficiency by eliminating laborious, manual tasks and paper-centric processes.

Our solutions include both hardware and software complete with advanced security features to help keep your legal clients’ sensitive information secure. MOM has the tools, experience, and expertise to serve law firms of any size.

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Software Solutions for Legal

Law offices are fueled by information, most of which exists on paper. Managing this overwhelming amount of information and paperwork can pose a monumental hurdle for even the smallest of firms. While we may be experiencing the digital age, many law offices are still drowning in paper. MOM’s document management solution will streamline your workflows by digitizing documents and turning paper-based processes into electronic workflows. Doing so will improve the flow of information and revolutionize the way you archive and store documents.

MOM’s document management solution will help your law firm:

  • Convert your paper documents to digital versions, enabling you to share information more quickly and efficiently

  • Automatically prepare documents for electronic court filing by parsing them and converting them to the required format

  • Store documents electronically in one secure, central repository to improve the speed of which you can access your files

  • More accurately track and bill clients for costs such as copying, printing, scanning, and third-party disbursements

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Managed Print Services for Legal

Despite all of the advancements in paperless technology, law office printing volumes and the associated costs continue to be a massive operating expense that eats into billable revenues for most firms. These printing expenses are particularly exorbitant in a vertical such as the legal industry, which remains so heavily reliant on documents. MOM’s Managed Print Services (MPS) solution enables law offices to lower printing costs, increase efficiency, and print greener, reducing your firm’s environmental footprint.

Benefits of MOM’s MPS solution for law offices:

  • Improve document security to protect sensitive information by ensuring printed documents don’t fall into the wrong hands

  • Gain control of printing costs through an audit of your existing print fleet and elimination of wasteful printing

  • Have access to predictable, monthly billing thanks to a single vendor managing your entire printing environment

  • Maximize productivity by replacing inefficient devices as well as those that can’t handle your workload

  • Increase the uptime of your devices through proactive monitoring and replacement, in addition to automatic supply replenishment

Take a step toward gaining control of your law firm’s document output by scheduling a no charge, no obligation MPS assessment today.

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Office Products for Legal 

MOM partners with industry-leading vendors to offer law firms the most innovative office technology devices available today. We provide all of the solutions needed to handle your massive document workload, including copiers, printers, multifunction printers (MFPs), facsimiles, scanners, and wide format printers.

Here are just some of the ways MOM’s office product solutions will make life easier for your law firm:

  • Shoulder the load of even the largest workgroups while handling print jobs at speeds of over 60 pages-per-minute

  • Provide you with access to the most state-of-the-art workflow and communication applications

  • Facilitate the digitization of your paper documents through scanners and MFPs

  • Eliminate downtime by relying on office technology devices from the most trusted vendors in the industry

  • Eliminate manual document finishing tasks

MOM supports our document solutions with an award-winning team of trained and experienced service technicians, enabling us to provide our clients the best maintenance in the region.

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