More and more businesses are turning to managed print services (MPS) to take care of their daily printing needs. MPS helps business owners to optimize the smooth running of their printing operations. As part of the services MPS provides, they assess a business’ printing requirements, deliver the equipment, and service it while maintaining consumable stocks.

Regardless of the business size and the number of business locations, hiring an MPS streamlines the procurement of printing requirements and funnels them into one point of contact and pay point. From restocking ink and paper to identifying equipment faults, MPS caters to all printing needs. In collaboration with managers, they ensure the business’ print fleet operates efficiently at all times.

This article explains the role of managed print services and highlights the many benefits they deliver.

What Do Managed Print Services Do?

MPS consolidates and manages a business’ printing and copying needs under a service agreement. On a day-to-day basis, this means maintaining consumable stocks, providing and servicing the printing equipment, and ensuring the business’ print fleet runs at its best capacity.

Managed print services first examines the business printing requirements and existing equipment, recommending changes for best operation. With the time constraints of managers in mind, MPS minimize the time they spend on printing-related tasks. At the same time, they cut down on waste across the board, both in terms of consumables, energy consumption, and equipment downtime.

Here are the tasks managed print services fulfill:

  • Assessing the company’s existing printing fleet and the printing needs
  • Recommending the procurement of new equipment to streamline printing activity if necessary
  • Monitoring the day-to-day activity and efficiency of the printing equipment
  • Tracking stocks of ink and paper and other consumables
  • Maintaining, servicing, repairing, and replacing printing equipment as appropriate
  • Optimizing the performance of the entire printing fleet through continuous analysis, troubleshooting, and data collection
  • Consolidating all printing costs into a single invoice
  • Minimizing the time managers and staff spend on printing-related tasks

How Do Managed Print Services Benefit Businesses?

Mindful of the above, businesses benefit from hiring managed print services in multiple ways. Chiefly, managers and staff gain time while the company saves money.

Working with an MPS, a business becomes more efficient, leading to better performance and higher profitability. As experts in their field, managed print services supervise all the printing activities and report to managers, recommending improvements where necessary. Managers enjoy greater control with minimal time input. The printing process becomes smooth, and the workflow optimizes itself.

Here are the benefits managed print services bring to the table:

  • Higher printer productivity through maintenance, monitoring, and continuous optimization
  • Steady and timely stock flow of consumables, including paper and ink
  • Streamlined maintenance and print process automation
  • Greater efficiency through ongoing print data collection and analysis
  • Scalable and flexible print management solutions to cater to business expansion
  • Better security and compliance process for confidential documents

A Question of Time and Money

Besides the many advantages mentioned above, working with an MPS delivers significant time and cost savings. In fact, companies can save up to 30% on their printing bill by using managed print services. The savings stem from best-priced consumables and lower maintenance, repair, and purchase expenditures. MPSs have access to wholesale prices, which they gladly pass on to their clients.

Moreover, MPS teams advise companies on potential cost reductions. The advice may include reducing the number of printers, limiting the number of documents staff print, and prioritizing printers with low running costs.

By taking care of the smooth operation of the entire printing infrastructure, managed print services free up time and capacity for staff. Employees no longer need to take care of printing-related tasks and can solely focus on the work at hand.

Points to Consider Before Contracting an MPS

Before choosing an MPS, you must define your needs while examining what’s on offer. Here are some questions to answer:

  1. Does the MPS offer different programs? If so, what elements does each service agreement combine?
  2. What timeframe does the agreement set out for repairs and maintenance tasks?
  3. What is the warranty period for new printing equipment?
  4. What brand of equipment does the MPS use?
  5. What type of security features are on offer?
  6. How do staff members access the software?
  7. What kind of printing activity tracking system is available to reduce costs?
  8. Does the MPS system allow for company growth?
  9. What are the communication channels between staff and MPS team members?
  10. What day-to-day customer support comes with the agreement?

MPS Solution Flow

When you consult a managed print services provider, they will initiate a workflow to assess your company’s existing system and then create a model to meet your printing requirements. This process involves designing a program to suit your business’s specific needs and implementing the tailored system.

Once the MPS system is in operation, the team will monitor it and make adjustments if necessary. Managers and staff also learn how to maximize the benefits of the MPS system.

Within a few weeks of the system’s establishment, your costs begin to drop while your productivity rises. Not only will your print fleet run like clockwork, but your entire operations will be smoother and more efficient.

Let Your Local MPS Assess Your Business’ Printing Needs

If you run a business in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, or Mansfield and would like to learn more about managed print services, get in touch with Modern Office Methods. With 60 years of experience in solving client document challenges, we are best placed to provide advice and answer all your questions.

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You can set out your vision and goals and we’ll find the best MPS solution for your company.