The need for modern-day businesses to provide high-quality, physically printed materials is still highly relevant, so why not ensure your business has the best tool for the job? If you are a business owner in Ohio and are looking for a way to ramp up your physical printed materials, a production printer might be precisely what you are looking for.

What Are Production Printers?

Production printers are larger printers specifically designed to maximize speed and efficiency without compromising print quality. Companies across the state of Ohio are using production printers to create a wide range of documents for their employees and customers:

  • Calendars
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Advertising/Event Posters
  • Manuals
  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Informational Booklets
  • Pamphlets
  • Blueprints
  • Architectural Drawings

Production printers go FAR beyond day-to-day black and white copies. Businesses with production printers actually have a separate machine on-site for smaller print jobs or more basic copy needs.

Production printers are beneficial for businesses that need impressive image quality and print options but won’t get bogged down by a backlog. Not only do production printers provide high resolution printed documents, but they can have a variety of additional features:

  • Wide range of paper types, sizes, and style compatibility
  • Other print medium options such as synthetics and even linen
  • Saddle-stitched booklet options
  • Stapling
  • Paper stacking
  • Punching
  • Trimming

This makes the business potential of a production printer quite impressive.

In addition, production printers can be set up on-site at a business, so no more sending print jobs out to be completed. Production printers in-house allow for on-site teams to be responsible from beginning to end, eliminating any unnecessary wait time or “middle-man” situation (both in time, logistics, and money).

High Volume, High Reward: The Key Benefits of Production Printers

There are many key benefits to adding a production printer to your business:

  1. Professional-looking documents and printed materials
  2. In-house capabilities which increase team oversight, control, and security
  3. Enhanced marketing potential (in quality, quantity, and range of material options)
  4. Speed is not compromised
  5. High-volume jobs are easily handled
  6. Money and time saved
  7. User-friendly
  8. Buy and lease options
  9. Variety of models and features

Production printers can range greatly depending on what a business needs and the price differences based on these features.

A solid entry-level production printer can cost around $20,000 or more, with premium production printers costing over a quarter of a million dollars.  This amount is just for the initial equipment, so businesses will also need to consider material costs. Production printers are often priced out in tiers, so you’ll see machines labeled Tier 1, Tier II, and Tier III. These tiers are not just tied to cost but production speed, finishing options, and volume demand.

While this might seem like a huge investment or a cost that is not relevant to your company, just take a moment to think through your printing and document production needs. We have a few questions to guide you through this thought process:

  • What physical documents does your company currently use internally for staff and externally for customers/clients/patients (depending on your business)?
  • How does your company currently market to customers?
  • Are you happy with the current quality of your printed materials?
  • Do you want to add MORE physical printed materials for a marketing strategy or operations initiative?
  • Do your printed materials convey the high-quality work and professionalism your business is striving to meet?
  • Do your printed materials match your brand?
  • Are you tired of outsourcing every major print job because you do not have the right equipment in-house?
  • How much money did you spend on outsourcing printed documents last year?
  • Do you have staff in-house that can handle a new piece of technology?

The answers to these questions are a great way to determine your current situation regarding your printed materials and where you want to be.

Does Your SMB Need A Production Printer In-House?

Production printers have the potential to make a huge difference immediately and directly to your business’ brand, visibility, and overall customer experience. All of this should directly impact your bottom line as well. The money saved by handling things in-house and the potential for income based on the materials created by a production printer can easily balance the initial cost of equipment.

For an SMB, production printers also have the potential to allow a business to stand out amongst its competitors. For startups or mom-and-pop operations wanting to ramp up their exposure, a production printer might be the perfect tool for the job. 

A production printer might also be the ideal tool for the job for more established businesses wanting to have more ownership. A production printer might be the perfect tool for companies wishing to cut out unnecessary third-party costs and have the staff to handle in-house printing.

Production printers can be hugely customized, and there are many options for business owners to discuss. In Ohio, many production printer distributors and printer companies are standing by to help business owners make the best decision. There are also options to test models before diving into a contract to buy or lease.

Speaking of buying vs. leasing, business owners have many options here as well. Depending on a business’s finances, needs, and ability to measure the benefits of an in-house production printer, a company might want to lease a more entry-level model to try things out. Leases are a great way to see the potential of a piece of equipment without a substantial down payment or allotting a chunk of cash to a new machine.

If you are a business owner who knows what you need, is confident in the workload, quantity, and features required, and has the capital, buying might be better.

Whatever the case, production printers are a fantastic piece of technology with the potential to make a massive difference in the type of documents produced by your Mansfield company. For more information, contact the team at Modern Office Methods today.