Did you know that for most businesses, the print environment is the last unaudited area of their operation? Is your print environment functioning at peak efficiency? Are you in control of your monthly print spending? If not, it could be costing you thousands in unnecessary annual spending.

If you’re ready to get your print spending under control, here are five signs to watch for that can point you toward a Managed Print Solution!

  1. Do you Have Restrictions in Place?
    Do you monitor print usage? A print policy that your team is required to follow can help keep your print environment operating efficiently. For example, eliminate unnecessary color print by limiting it to certain employees or departments. Putting restrictions in place like defaulting to 2-sided black and white printing can lower costs and reduce waste.
  2. Is Your IT Team Clearing Paper Jams?businessman shocked at cost of not using managed print services.
    Is your highly paid IT team spending their time on paper jams instead of mission-critical tech tasks? With a Managed Print solution, you can free up their time to focus on what’s important, like growing your business!
  3. Is Reactionary Supply Ordering a Problem?
    Does Tom in accounting call the vendor when the ink runs low without regard for existing supplies? Ordering supplies on a reactionary basis can be costing you a fortune. A Managed Print Services provider will track and monitor supplies and implement just-in-time ordering.
  4. Do You Know What You’re Spending on Print Monthly?
    Do you know your monthly print spend? Most companies have no idea what they are actually spending every month. Costs include supplies, maintenance, repairs, and actual per-page costs. With a Managed Print solution, you will have a fixed monthly cost for all print-related services making budgeting easier.
  5. Is Your Supply Cabinet Overstocked with Outdated Cartridges?
    Has reactionary ordering left you with a cabinet full of print cartridges for retired or outdated devices? Toner is expensive! Without a policy in place, you may be spending money on unnecessary supplies. A Managed Print solution ensures you only have the supplies you need when you need them.

Is your company experiencing any, or all of these problems? If so, it might be time to consider a Managed Print solution. With Managed Print Services you’ll get your print environment under control, boost productivity, and lower your costs.

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