Question: I am the CFO for a local construction company, and am in need of some advice regarding a solution for our mountain of paper that is moved through our organization every day. My highest priority is to streamline our Accounts Payable process so we can take advantage of all the discounts offered by our vendors.  
Answer:  Vendors, and people you borrow money from offer you reasonable discounts and low interest rates if you can pay them quickly. A document workflow solution for Accounts Payable can increase your ability to monitor and control the flow of Vendor Invoices from receipt to approval, and payment of these documents! A document workflow solution can help you monitor an invoice awaiting approval that has sat too many days in a managers inbox, and notify the right people when documents are not approved in a timely manner.  These documents can also be re-assigned if key document approvers are unavailable for any reason causing a delay. With a document workflow solution, you will always know where your documents are located! Systems like this can pay you back in a very short, period of time.

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