Efficient office equipment leads to a productive office. Any outdated piece of equipment costs you more than it’s worth. A multifunction printer can be a great solution, combining fax, email, print, copy, scan, and document storage all in one energy-efficient package. Other than just eating paper ink, and power, inefficient equipment is costly when it comes to your most valuable resource: your staff.

Labor Hours

The first staff-related impact comes down to simple labor hours. If a printer takes ten tries to make one good copy, your staff is wasting time. Likewise, if they operate seven different devices to scan, email, copy, and fax one document, their time is wasted.


Though it’s a rarity, people quit an excellent job over faulty office equipment. Outdated equipment can be a deal-breaker. This may sound dire, but it sends the message to your staff that you’re not that invested in their workplace, suggesting that they should probably keep their options open.


Your staff gets paid whether the copier is in the repair shop or not. Again, it comes down to a work environment where your people can’t do what they’re being paid to do but must show up five days a week. There isn’t that much that needs to be done around an office to justify bringing people in when they’re unable to complete their job duties thanks to iffy office equipment.

These may seem like small issues, but they add up quickly. Proper office equipment is the backbone of the office. Office equipment that spends more time out for repairs than in the office, it’s wasting funds and resources. If you’re ready to upgrade your office equipment, contact Modern Office Methods to see what we can do for your company.