Document security is the foundation of any business. No matter your industry, your customers and clients need to know that their data is safe with you. One breach can ruin a company’s reputation overnight, and the business may spend years recovering from it without ever fully regaining the status they held before. Here are a few ways you can improve document security for your business.

Human Error

Human error accounts for most breaches. A misplaced USB drive, a laptop left open in a public place, loose talk around the office. The foundation of strong document security is going to be proper training for your staff. Explain that the information they’re entrusted with is sensitive and that it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep it safe.


Most hackers are opportunists. Typically, a hacker does not select a high-value target and then pursue them until they’ve cracked their security; instead, they prey on vulnerabilities and take what they can get. Just having strong document security ensures that you are less likely to suffer a breach.

Digitize and shred old documents. Physical paperwork winding up in the wrong hands accounts for a lot of security breaches.

Antivirus Software

Keep your antivirus software updated. You can update less sensitive software, games, apps, and so on at your leisure, but keep your antivirus software updated because the updates are the only way it can compete with new malware and viruses.

Assign security clearance levels. There’s no reason for a temp or a new hire to have access to the same information as the vice president.

Document security is fundamental to running a successful business in any field, and it starts with your staff. Having the best software is critical, but simple human error is how most breaches happen. If you’d like to improve the document security of your business, contact Modern Office Methods today.