If your organization is going through digital transformation, you should know your printers play a critical role. Having intelligent multifunction printers helps increase productivity, improves the efficiency of your processes, and keeps your data more secure. Therefore, many businesses find that partnering with a Managed Print Services provider not only helps them get their print costs under control, but they can also support their digital workplace needs.

Here are five things to consider that will ensure your MPS provider is providing you with the support you need.

1. Comprehensive Suite of Tools

When shopping for an MPS provider, candidates should offer a comprehensive suite of tools to cover your printers, supplies and service management. At a minimum, the provider should provide:

  • Help desk management
  • Third-party service integration and management
  • Management and monitoring of printing supplies
  • Transaction logging and auditing
  • Escalation logging and resolution
  • Options for integrating client-based ticketing systems

However, the above services are just the start. Don’t forget to inquire about any other services your organization might need.

A Managed Print Services provider meeting with their customer.

2. High Security Standards

Multifunction printers are increasingly at risk for security breaches, whether from external or even internal sources. At a minimum, a secure MPS infrastructure should offer:

  • Device detection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Document and data protection

However, the best MPS providers will also offer multiple layers of protection by using fraud deterrent technology and user analytics.

3. Information at Your Fingertips

Yes, your MPS provider will handle most of the managing of your printer infrastructure. But you should also have an operational view of how well your print environment is operating, including how it could be improved. Some providers do offer a portal with easy-to-navigate dashboards that keep you informed about the status of all your connected printers.

4. Driving Continuous Optimization

The reason for seeking an MPS solution is to extract the maximum value from your print environment. Your provider should generate and collect operational data from your networked printers to provide you with reports on such metrics as:

  • How quickly printing supplies are being used
  • Information regarding which printers are used most often
  • What processes require the most paper
  • How effective supply chains are for ink, toner and paper

5. Scalable Services

Today, more businesses than ever can operate on a global scale. This means their MPS provider needs to provide consistent service no matter if the print environment is regional, national or global. This may mean offering different services to your different locations.

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