Technology is rarely carved into stone. In fact, the relentless march of technology is one of the few things you can be sure about when it comes to your business. That means the technology you invest in today will eventually grow obsolete as time moves on. 

Keeping up with modern technology means investing in state-of-the-art office products that help keep your business ahead of the technological curve and the competition. In this article, we’ll go into greater detail about the risks outdated office products pose for your business and the benefits of updating them regularly. 

What Are Office Products? 

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what we mean by “office products.” We don’t mean office consumables like pens and paper, but rather the various machines your office relies on for document production and management. These include standalone inkjet and laser printers used by countless small businesses and multifunction printers that combine a printer, scanner, fax, and copy functions into a single machine. 

Office products also include label printers for shipping labels – an essential staple for e-commerce operations. These are dedicated office products that print high-quality shipping labels using either direct thermal printing via heat-sensitive media or thermal transfer using a heated ribbon to transfer ink. Production printers are also considered office products, and so are large format printers. 

Not every business needs a large format printer, but those that do often utilize them to create posters, banners, and other printed materials that are too large to be produced with other office products. 

How Outdated Office Products Impact Your Bottom Line 

As a small-to-medium-business owner, you’re constantly tempted to hold off on technology upgrades in the interest of getting the most out of your current office fleet. However, such a decision can easily backfire and negatively impact your bottom line: 

Outdated office products can kill productivity.

Older devices tend to be slower and more cumbersome for employees to work with. Combine that with patchwork efforts to prevent errors and integrate functions, and what you have is an experience that destroys workflow and reduces overall productivity. 

Outdated office products pose a security threat.

Outdated technologies are a common vector for malware and other cybersecurity threats, usually due to lacking safeguards incorporated into up-to-date equipment. 

IT support costs can increase with older technology.

Older office products often need more attention from IT support. Breakdowns, errors, and other issues can easily put a damper on your company’s profits. 

Aging technology also brings higher labor costs.

When older office products suffer downtime or glitches, employee overtime and added support costs can easily outweigh any savings from maintaining outdated tech. 

Outdated office products can trigger employee turnover and customer churn.

Dealing with outdated equipment can frustrate employees to the point where they can no longer perform, which often leads to low morale and increased turnover. Meanwhile, customers can easily walk away and deal with competitors offering better, up-to-date technology. 

Aging technology can stunt scalability.

The older your technology gets, the less likely it can scale with your business. 

Top 5 Benefits of Updating Your Technology 

Upgrading Eliminates Obsolete Technology 

Let’s face it – that multifunction printer you bought a decade ago isn’t getting any younger. But it is getting older, and the older it gets, the more obsolete it becomes in the face of new technology. That means you’ll miss out on the latest features as well as general improvements. Updating your office products ensures that your organization enjoys the latest and greatest in technology. Plus, your employees won’t have to struggle with obsolete and unreliable devices. 


Upgrading Improves Security 

Cybercriminals are always looking for a way into your business to access its precious data. Holding on to older equipment means missing out on the latest security updates as well as new security functions that offer enhanced protection against an ever-evolving array of cybersecurity threats. Upgrading your office products means your business can take advantage of these security improvements. 


Upgrading Increases Productivity 

Employees can easily become frustrated waiting for an older printer to warm up or dealing with constant paper jams and other printing errors. These frustrations can add up to wasted productivity, which in turn eventually affects your business’s bottom line. Upgrading your office products helps alleviate these concerns while making your daily workflows smoother and faster. The reduced downtime and increased reliability will have a positive effect on productivity across the board. 


Upgrading Ensures Compatibility 

Merging the old with the new can cause its own share of problems. Outdated and obsolete technologies rarely play well with the latest devices – if they manage to work at all. Upgrading your office products ensures that each one integrates seamlessly with any number of technologies your office relies on. 


Newer Technology Means Greater Scalability 

Having the ability to expand your business to meet demand is invaluable, but it also requires an investment in modern, state-of-the-art office products. By using the latest technology and equipment, you’ll have greater latitude to scale your business the way you need to, instead of struggling with older and obsolete equipment. 


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