Today, every business needs to ask “what should we be spending on technology and IT support?” Often the question then becomes “what is the best solution for managing IT – hire in-house, outsource to a Managed IT services provider, or implement some combination of the two?”

The truth is, there’s no single, simple answer. The right solution needs to address your specific technology needs in the most cost-effective way possible. In this post, we’ll look at five signs that it might be time to partner with a Managed IT Services provider.

  1. Cybersecurity – Today, every business needs a plan to guard against cyberattacks. This is not a DIY project, but like your legal or accounting team, cybersecurity is a specialized area that requires expertise, constant monitoring, and the right tools to ensure the mitigation of risks.
  2. The Challenge of Hiring and Retaining IT Staff – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that IT jobs will grow 12% annually through 2028. However, cybersecurity professionals face a 0% unemployment rate with 3.5 million unfilled jobs. A Managed IT provider can provide the expertise without you having to worry about staffing.
  3. Outdated Systems and Applications – Today, keeping your software, applications, virus protection, and firmware up to date is critical for maximum functionality and protection. Overseeing this process takes time, but it must be done, and done consistently. A Managed IT Services provider can take this task off of your to-do list!
  4. You Have No Real IT Plan to Meet Changing Business Needs – Do you have a technology plan? A Managed Services provider will assess your company’s current IT environment, look at your company’s projected growth, and develop a plan to meet all current and future IT needs!
  5. You Keep Blowing Up Your IT Budget! – Have you suffered a ransomware attack locking up your critical data? Do you lose data backups because of a software issue? Are you paying increasingly larger sums for repairs to your systems or network? These red flags mean your current IT approach isn’t working. Look beyond actual costs and factor in lost time, and the effects of downtime on your business and staff!

Managed IT Services can free up your in-house staff’s time to focus on mission-critical work, keep your network secure, and reduce downtime. Want to learn more? Call MOM today!