Choosing a new printer can be a tricky process that every business has to do at some point. Multiple factors must be considered, which complicates the process of purchasing or leasing a new office printer. One reason why it’s not easy is due to the unlimited availability of choices. There are multiple brands, features, and types of printers to consider before making a final choice. Doing some research can help with the process of finding the best printer for your business. Understand the different available features and applications can help, but having a clear picture of your needs is also a crucial step. Reading relevant reviews and other write-ups is also a step you can take to find the best printer for your office.

As mentioned, one of the most critical steps to take before your next office printer purchase or lease is to determine for what and for whom you need the printer. In some instances, you might need a high-volume printer, which can easily handle a high rate of outputs on a day-to-day basis. Or, you might need a color printer for your marketing team. The output won’t be nearly as many as handled by a high-volume printer, but the quality of color is of utmost importance. Determining who will use your next office printer and what they will use it for will help you narrow down your options during the selection process. 

Admittedly, there are plenty of options, even after determining your internal usage for your new device. Generally, you can divide your choices into two overarching types of printers: those that simply provide paper-based hardcopies on demand and those that are able to not only print, but also offer copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities. The latter are oftentimes referred to as multifunction printers, multifunctional printers, MFPs, or all-in-one printers. 

If you need your new printer also to offer copying, scanning, and faxing functionality, then a multifunction printer (MFP) might be the perfect fit. MFPs can support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless printing technologies that allow you to fax, print, copy, and scan on the go by using either a computer or a smartphone. Multifunction printers are an affordable option, particularly if you are in need of a variety of services and highly-quality performance.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Printers 


Once you determine the overarching need for your new office printer, several additional factors must be considered. One of the top factors is functionality, which refers to the performance of the printer. In your needs analysis, did you determine that you need a certain number of pages printed per minute, due to the quantity of printouts you intend to make? If so, page speed may be a feature to consider before deciding on your new office printer. What about applications, such as wireless or remote printing functionality? An MFP that can handle multiple applications to take your workflows to the next level. The features associated with your new printer, coupled with your needs, should drive your decision. 


Cost is another critical factor to consider when looking for your company’s next printer. Overhead is always top-of-mind when purchasing or leasing office equipment, and your next office printer certainly shouldn’t break the bank. Buying or leasing a printer for office use can be an excellent investment. Working with your local office equipment dealer will outline the total cost per print for new device options while keeping your workflows, needs, and budget in mind. 

Brand: Three of the Best

One of the most overwhelming aspects of choosing the best printer for your office is determining which brand is best. There are a variety of manufacturers on the market today, making it difficult to decipher one from the other. At Modern Office Methods, we only partner with the leading office equipment manufacturers to ensure our clients have access to top-notch printers and other office imaging hardware. These are a few of our printer brands that we stand by. They have been tested through the years and are as good as advertised.

1. Ricoh

Ricoh is a pioneer in modern printer technology, as it released its first-ever digital printer in 1987. As offices adapt to the world’s increasing reliance on digitized documents, Ricoh printers are able to keep up due to their continual improvements in modern functionality and design requirements. From cloud printing to security solutions to automation tools, Ricoh’s printer lineup ensures your workplace is a digital one. 

2. Canon

There are plenty of printing brands available on the global market today, but Canon is one that stands out. Canon printers are high-quality in terms of performance, with efficiency and productivity top-of-mind in their design. They offer printers with intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces to ensure ease of use for your entire team. Wi-Fi enabled printers are also available, where you can print on the go from anywhere. This feature is a great option for teams who work on-the-go.   

3. Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Hewlett-Packard is an American company that produces tech products for home and office use. Printers serve as one of their best product offerings, with longstanding research and development behind their printers’ designs and functionalities. HP printing devices don’t just have a premium design; they are top-notch in terms of performance and quality. HP printers also easily adapt to technological innovation, growing with your business and tech advances. For example, HP’s integrated smartphone technology allows you to print documents directly from your phone, enabling modern, efficient workflows. 

At MOM, we know selecting the best printer for your office can be challenging. But we are here to help! Our trained, professional representatives can walk you through the process of your next printer purchase or lease, while keeping your workflows and budget in mind. If your company is looking for a new printer, contact Modern Office Methods for more details.