Your business could always use a helping hand, whether it’s to keep your workforce productive or its bottom line firmly in the black. Tackling the ins and outs of document management is one such task where you’d benefit from having a reliable partner. And that’s where Managed Print Services (MPS) come into play.

With Managed Print Services, you’ll have a trusted third-party provider to manage your growing printer and copier fleet. Of course, the key to any successful relationship is finding the right partner. The following illustrates what to look for in a Managed Print Services provider and what you should know before signing any service contract.

Consider Your Managed Print Services Provider’s Billing Methods and Determine If They Are a Good Fit for Your Business

Variety may be the spice of life, but constantly weathering unknowns can hurt your Cincinnati business’s bottom line. Managed Print Services bring predictability and visibility to what would otherwise be an uncertain aspect of your business.

One aspect of Managed Print Services to consider is how your provider handles billing and invoicing. After all, the last thing your business needs to worry about is what ends up on your vendor’s monthly statement. Different billing models exist, but most vendors rely on fixed, cost-per-click or transactional models:

  • With fixed or seat-based billing, vendors charge a flat fee each month or quarter for their services. This method is all-inclusive and very predictable, but some businesses may prefer the flexibility offered by other options.
  • Cost-per-click billing lets businesses pay for services only when they’re needed. This usage-based model works for companies looking to minimize costs.
  • Transactional billing lets businesses pay only for the services they need and even create customized packages that best fit their needs.

Any vendor you choose as your next managed print services provider must have a billing model that aligns closely with your business’s needs and end goals. Said billing model should also account for hardware purchasing and leasing options, depending on what your business needs to stay productive and profitable.

Understand Your Potential Managed Print Services Vendor’s Background and Expertise

Nothing is more disappointing than choosing an MPS provider, only to realize they lack the experience and expertise needed to see your company through. This can be a serious problem if and when your print fleet needs attention, and your vendor doesn’t act quickly or at all.

Asking for client references can help screen out less experienced vendors and show where others stand in terms of reputation. Look beyond the glowing reviews, which most MPS vendors will happily provide, and check out references that faced challenges with their providers. Finding out if and how these challenges were overcome can help you attain the complete picture of any prospective vendor.

You’ll also want a Managed Print Services provider with a strong background in inventory management. After all, you don´t want to worry about keeping up with toner and ink replenishment. The ideal MPS vendor not only keeps tabs on printer fleet consumables and seamlessly carries out replenishment tasks but also uses the right products.

Your Managed Print Services provider should also be able to adapt as your business, and its needs change over time. As your company gains more customers, hires more staff, and adopts newer print management technologies, your MPS vendor should accommodate these changes through a variety of means, including:

  • Hardware sales and leasing for an ever-evolving printer and copier fleet
  • Additional security services and capabilities, including confidential printing
  • Additional implementation and training as deemed necessary
  • Support for IT department growth
  • Reduction in energy consumption to meet green goals and reduce costs

Figure Out Their Customer Service Standards & Look Into Their Additional Service Offerings Before Signing On The Dotted Line

Customer service is another aspect of Managed Print Services to consider when choosing an ideal provider for your Ohio company. A common complaint among businesses is some vendors barely communicate with their clients. Poor communication leads to poor customer service, which leads to poor performance that ultimately impacts your bottom line.

Any MPS vendor you choose must offer top-notch customer service, whether it’s staying in face-to-face contact with clients or providing prompt replies to emails and quick responses to emergency requests. Any MPS vendor that makes it challenging to get in touch, whether accidentally or purposefully, should be knocked out of the running.

Remember those client references? Comb through them and study how the prospective MPS provider handled its customer support. The ideal one should always make you feel like your business comes first.

Also, consider partnering with a vendor whose offerings extend beyond typical MPS solutions. In addition to the standard assortment of MPS services, some vendors provide other print services, including commercial printing and digital content management. These offerings help companies save money by consolidating outsourced services they usually go elsewhere to obtain.

In summary, finding an MPS provider involves understanding your business’s needs and how your prospective vendor’s services can align with them. Choosing the right provider pays dividends when optimizing workflows, enhancing printer security, and improving business outcomes overall. If you’re ready to take that first step toward partnering with a Managed Print Services provider for your Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, or Mansfield company, contact Modern Office Methods today.