As corporate print environments and technology get increasingly complex, many businesses of all sizes, and industries, are turning to outsourced Print Management solutions.

Along with enjoying the benefits of improved performance, enhanced security, and more control over your print environment, Managed Print solutions can save your company up to 30% on print costs.

So, how do you know if Managed Print is the right choice for your company? Here are four benefits that Managed Print Services can offer to businesses when you work with a reputable professional and experienced provider:

  1. Reduce Print-Related and IT Expenses – From month-to-month, print spending can be unpredictable. One of the main benefits of Managed Print Services is predictability. With an MPS provider, you pay a consistent monthly rate for all of your printing needs.
  2. Minimize Wasted Time and Resources – How much time does your IT team spend fixing paper jams? Lost productivity is no joke. Time spent on minor print problems is time taken away from your core business initiatives. From unnecessary downtime or printing too many extra pages to using color when black and white will do, waste can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity and resources. The bottom line… MPS saves you time and lowers your total print costs.
  3. Enhance Security – MPS vastly improves your company’s security in terms of documents, devices, and business processes. Proper print management helps ensure your company is up to date with any compliance regulations and laws. An MPS provider can also implement authentication, document encryption, authorized document release, and more. Digitized documents will allow a full audit trail to further improve security.
  4. Right Size Your Printer Fleet – Some companies have adopted a hybrid model lessening the demand for in-office printers. Do you have too many? Not Enough? With a Managed Print solution your provider will consolidate your fleet to ensure the most efficient, updated, and necessary equipment is used, with outdated devices safely retired.

A Managed Print Services solution will help your business cut down on printing, centralize vendors, streamline workflows and take the burden of managing your print environment off the shoulders of your IT team.

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