Everything You Need to Know About Wide-Format Printing

Everything You Need to Know About Wide-Format Printing

Wide-format printing is more versatile and less expensive than using a traditional printing press. A wide-format printer works with digital graphic files to print vibrant colors in superb detail.

The limit in size is only constrained by the measurement of the printer’s width. Depending on the printer model, this width can be 18 inches to 100 inches. Printers that handle more than 100 inches exist; however, they are called super-wide format printers.

Most wide-format printers work with rolls of paper or other materials. This means that the limit of an unbroken length for a printed item is directly connected to the limit of the material remaining on the roll. This is why wide-format printers are exceptionally good at printing long, beautiful banners that are multiple yards long or other items that are equally large.

Exceptional Range of Printing Materials

There are many qualities of paper and other materials that can be used for wide-format printing. Here are some of the most popular print materials:

  • Acid-Free, Museum-Grade, Fine Art Paper — This type of paper is the kind used to print limited-edition lithographs.
  • PVC Vinyl — Printing on PVC vinyl creates a banner that is resistant to water damage and durable. This is the material regularly used to create easy to set up, portable, and promotional display stands for conventions and exhibitions.
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl — This material sticks to glass and walls. It can be removed easily and reused.
  • Window Graphics — This see-through material is perfect for placement on large windows.

Millions of Colors

Every color imaginable can be printed. The printers include those that use water-based ink, solvent-based inks, and UV-based flatbed printers with specialized ink.

Water-Based Inkjet Printers — These are the most common. They offer excellent resolution and quick output.

Solvent-Based Inkjet Printers — These printers use inks that are more durable and are suitable for exterior use and exposure to inclement weather.

UV-Based Flatbed Printers — These specialty printers use durable ink that is designed to print on just about anything, such as t-shirts and many other items.

Specialty Uses

These printers can be used for many creative ventures, which are very useful for marketing and promotion. Some specialty items include:

  • Wraps — These can be used to wrap vehicles, the walls of rooms, and even the exterior of buildings.
  • Concert Staging — Long banners can be made that hang down from the rigging at concerts.
  • Temporary Structures — Entire walls made of printed vinyl strips can be created and used to establish boundaries to create temporary spaces.

Every business can make use of wide-format printing. If you’d like to learn more or purchase a wide-format printer for your business, contact Modern Office Methods today.

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