Print technology plays a significant role in the workflow of the office. Whether your marketing department needs to print out a letter for direct mail or a promotional flyer, it is essential that you have the right technology to improve and speed up your company’s workflow. For example, for a direct mail project, it’s useful to have a printer that can print addresses onto envelopes. Here’s how managed print services (MPS) can improve your business’s workflow.

Implementing Managed Print Services

An MPS provider will access the current processes of your organization and work with you to make sure you have the right devices to optimize the workflow of your company. Under a plan for MPS, not only will the provider provide routine maintenance and support for your organization’s devices, but they will also use software applications for print monitoring. The data collected by these MPS software applications will provide you a “real-time” glimpse into your organization’s business operations.

Upon analyzing the data, the print provider identifies the processes and equipment that improves your business’s workflow. For example, the print provider enhances data retrieval processes with a high-quality networked printer for storing and digitizing data. Or, they may determine that a centrally placed multi-function device is sufficient to handle your organization’s general print needs.

MPS Improves Workflow Productivity

An MPS provider ensures that you have the right equipment and that it’s in the correct place in your office. Optimal equipment placement will improve your workflow. Data is collected over time and your MPS provider makes improvements.

You will see immediate improvements to workflow and processes after implementing Managed Print Services from a trusted service provider. For more information about how to improve your office’s workflow with managed print services, contact Modern Office Methods. Let us be the catalyst for improving your workflow!