Whether it’s collecting, processing, storing, or retrieving, businesses rely heavily on data. As a result, organizations are faced with the challenge of how to effectively manage all the information they handle. According to some statistics, document management challenges account for more than 21 percent of productivity loss. Many organizations find a solution in a document management system (DMS). Organizations investing in a DMS find it’s convenient, effective, secure, and cost-efficient. Here’s how you can improve workflow with document management.

Convenient and Efficient

With a document management system, files are stored and archived digitally through software or a cloud-based application. Since documents are stored in a single, secured, and centralized location, users can seamlessly pull up the documents they need to view or edit. Example of features bundled within a DMS include:

  • Workflow automation
  • Version control and roll-back
  • Simultaneous editing in real-time
  • Retrieval of information from any source
  • Ability to track project dates
  • Easy search features
  • Increased collaboration abilities

Overall, this system eliminates redundancy and increases efficiency.

Security and Compliance

Sharing documents through the cloud is not only fast and efficient but also ensures you meet regulatory compliance requirements. Here are a few ways a document management system increases the security of your documents:

  • Streamlines documents
  • Augments security with a variety of features to protect data
  • Includes a high level of encryption
  • Incorporates audit control

With a DMS, you have overall better control of security and compliance needs. Document management removes the worries associated with unapproved or unauthorized changes because there’s a digital record of every access to any of your organization’s files. For further security, you have the ability to passcode data to assign role-based access (i.e. remove edit permissions for unauthorized users, allowing them read-only access.)


Sharing documents through the cloud is not only faster and more secure, but also cost-effective because it removes the need for constant printing. By minimizing workflow steps, a document management system makes the process far more practical.

Are you looking to increase your productivity, efficiency, and security while reducing costs? Improving your workflow gives a nice boost to your company and helps you remain competitive in your industry. If you’re considering investing in a document management solution for your business or would like more information about what it can do for you, contact Modern Office Methods today.