Increase Security with Managed Print Services

Increase Security with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services is an outsourced service designed to keep your printing operation running smoothly. They cover everything from printer maintenance and upgrades to supplying toner and paper supplies. Although your computers may be protected from malware and viruses, is the rest of your office equipment secure? Here’s how Managed Print Services (MPS) can increase the security of your devices.

Your Printers are Hackable Devices

Anything connected to the internet, including a cloud-based printer, is vulnerable to hacking. Those hacks can include data theft or insidious plants of malware infecting every printer and device on your network. They can also come from employees’ remote devices. MPSs help you stay alert to threats, offer security patches, and shore up vulnerabilities.

Managed Print Services Keep Your Equipment Up-to-Date

We know the advantages of keeping our computer operating systems up to date, but the same applies to your printers. Just like software, the older your device, the more vulnerable it is. The software can be patched through new versions, but your old equipment may be long past its factory maintenance life cycle.  Managed Print Services can help you update to modern printers, along with software to manage streamlined digital accounting software.

Your Access Controls Might be Shaky and Insecure

Whether you want safeguards against fake authentication or password theft, you need to think about printers as potential security leaks. If your employees can print from an off-site location, the devices they are using to print are also vulnerable. MPSs can provide the access controls at the printer tray.  For remote printing security, Managed Print Services prevents hacking through secure VPN platforms on protected servers.

(MPS) Providers can Train Your People

Your people are your most valuable assets, but they need to be trained.  The training has to be more than how to clear paper jams. It must include reminders that security breaches can be costly and catastrophic. Costs can be hefty government fines; catastrophe can include loss of jobs and even closing the business. A Managed Print Services provider can be your training and security awareness resource to keep your people alert.

So, think about your document printing as the vulnerable service entrance to your security program. You need Managed Print Services to keep you safe, secure and efficient. Contact Modern Office Methods to learn more about Managed Print Services.

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