Question: Our employees use many different forms to run many parts of our business. However, we have constant problems with people using the wrong version of the form, and have trouble reading handwriting on the forms. What advice do you have to reduce these types of form problems?

Answer: Great question! There are likely several different answers, depending on:
  • Who uses these forms?
  • Who fills out the forms?
  • Are they in the office when they are completed, or in the field?
  • Do external clients or customers need a copy of the completed form?
  • Is the form used to kick off a workflow once it is completed?
The answers to these questions shape the solution that will streamline, and improve your forms processing workflow. For example, field workers can use smartphones and tablets to complete forms in the field and submit them back to the office in seconds. Office workers can compete the forms on mobile devices or from the comfort of their desktop computer and initiate an approval process. We utilize solutions that can integrate electronic, fillable forms directly into any office workflow. The forms can then be routed from one approval stage to the next and archived into an electronic filing system. This type of automation allows you to effectively manage the entire forms workflow process from end to end. In addition, you will have the management tools in place to ensure that the correct version of each form is always available.

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