Top 6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Paperless Form Solution

Although businesses have come a long way towards reducing their reliance on paper, it remains a part of our daily work routines, presenting a persistent challenge to manage. It doesn’t have to be that way! Paperless form software can help digitize traditional paper-based forms, enabling users to easily create, distribute, fill out, and manage forms entirely in a digital format. This technology allows organizations to streamline their data collection processes, improve efficiency, reduce paper waste, [...]

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Tech Expert Q&A – Businesses Run on Forms

Question: Our employees use many different forms to run many parts of our business. However, we have constant problems with people using the wrong version of the form, and have trouble reading handwriting on the forms. What advice do you have to reduce these types of form problems?Answer: Great question! There are likely several different answers, depending on:Who uses these forms?Who fills out the forms?Are they in the office when they are completed, or in the [...]

Tech Expert Q&A – Electronic Forms Solution

  Question: I work for a large health care provider and we are interested in finding a way to replace all the paper forms our health care workers complete out in the field with an electronic solution?   Answer:  This is a very timely topic. Many industries are in the process of revamping paper-based workflows to increase productivity and reduce costs. We have the perfect solution to do just what you requested! It is called [...]