What are the Most Common Document Security Risks?

What are the Most Common Document Security Risks?

No business is immune to a security breach. From multinational corporations to small businesses, all are a constant target for cybercriminals in search of valuable information. As the use of mobile devices increases, the importance of effective document security becomes even more paramount than before.

It’s not only legal data that is continuously under threat. Paper documents and their digital equivalents are also vulnerable to a variety of document security issues. Even the tiniest risks can prove devastating for a company’s bottom line and reputation if left unchecked.

Common Document Security Risks

  • Unattended Documents -stealing valuable information is as simple as walking by and picking up a document left in the printer. Unfortunately, unattended documents are often a gold mine of information for unscrupulous individuals because users usually don’t pay enough attention to printed materials, especially those containing personal or sensitive information.
  • Lack of Print Tracking – Without the right level of oversight, any employee can print anything at any given moment. And without the proper printing controls and auditing, sensitive information can easily be lost in the ether without anyone knowing.
  • Sensitive Data in Print Streams – Adept cybercriminals can easily intercept unencrypted information sent through the print stream, making encryption an important and essential tool for ensuring effective document security.
  • Sensitive Data on Hard Drives – Modern copiers feature hard drives that can contain thousands of leftover documents, posing a hidden security risk. Taking the appropriate steps to secure, erase, and destroy hard drives post-lease can help reduce security risks.
  • Unsecured Document Storage – Unlocked filing cabinets are a surprising source of lost and stolen information. While paper documents should be kept under lock and key at all times, turning those physical documents into digitized, encrypted, and password-protected versions is a better option.

No matter your business’s size and mission, you can’t afford to leave your document security up to chance. Contact Modern Office Methods today and learn more about how our secure document management services can benefit your business.

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